Puppet Platform reference manual

This page lists changes to the puppet-agent package. For details about changes to components in a puppet-agent release, follow the links to those components in the package release’s notes.

The puppet-agent package’s version numbers use the format X.Y.Z, where:

  • X must increase for major backward-incompatible changes
  • Y may increase for backward-compatible new functionality
  • Z may increase for bug fixes

The puppet-agent package installs the latest version of Puppet 5.

Also of interest: About Agent, and the Puppet 5.3.1, Puppet 5.2.0, Puppet 5.1.0, and Puppet 5.0.0 release notes.

Puppet agent 5.4.0

Released February 14, 2018.

This release of Puppet Platform contains several new features and bug fixes.

Component updates

This release includes component updates to Puppet 5.4.0, MCollective 2.11.4, and pxp-agent 1.8.2.

Platform updates

This release adds packages for FIPS-compliant platforms.

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