Puppet gets you where you want to go

At Puppet, we've always focused on helping IT navigate change — whether moving to the cloud, embracing infrastructure as code and DevOps practices, or adopting containers. We’ve proven we can solve hard problems. And we're building on that heritage. Whatever it takes to deliver better software, faster, we'll get you there — just as we help thousands of other companies bridge from legacy IT to the future.

What's new at Puppet?

Our mission is to make people more powerful through software. That’s why we’re constantly working on new product innovations, partnerships and projects — and why we recently announced several of them.

Here are the highlights of what’s new at Puppet in containers, cloud, and configuration management:

Whats new at puppet?


We want to make it easier for you to adopt containers — and understand what’s in them once you’re in production. See what’s new with containers at Puppet:

Blog post: Announcing Lumogon
Solutions: Learn more about container management

Puppet and Containers


Adopting cloud and managing it with actionable data doesn’t have to be a struggle. Check out some of the ways we’re working to make it better:

Blog post: Announcing Puppet Cloud Discovery
Blog post: New pay-as-you-go Puppet Enterprise AMI available on AWS Marketplace
Solutions: Learn more about cloud management

Adopting the Cloud

Configuration management

We’re always working to help you eliminate manual work, minimize risk, and make it possible to deploy faster without sacrificing reliability. See what’s new to help:

Blog post: Full visibility & control of your infrastructure with new Puppet releases
Blog post: Investing for our customers' success
Blog post: Discovery: the next frontier
Solutions: Learn more about configuration management


Puppet Enterprise
From startups to 75% of the Fortune 100, thousands of companies rely on Puppet.


Puppet Enterprise is the standard for delivering and operating software — simply, securely and at scale.

With Puppet Enterprise, you’ll know what you have, easily control and enforce consistency, and keep it compliant, all in a common language that works for the technology you manage today — and whatever you adopt next.

Node Graph

Puppet Cloud Discovery™ delivers insights you can act on

With Puppet Cloud Discovery you’ll gain greater insight and visibility into the state of your AWS infrastructure. Sign up to be part of our limited preview.

Puppet Cloud Discovery™ Dashboard