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Intelligent, accessible infrastructure automation

Take a holistic approach to infrastructure management at scale with products that are responsive and predictive by design. Puppet’s automation suite incorporates security, compliance, and innovation from day one to power Day 2 operations (and beyond). Spend less time managing IT infrastructure and more time innovating.

With Puppet:
  • Rapidly find anomalies at scale
  • Take pre-defined action to fix them
  • Report the correction
  • Predict future events in order to prevent surprises

Rinse, repeat.

Puppet Enterprise

Keep your business resilient by ensuring that your company’s IT infrastructure is in a known good state with Puppet Enterprise.

Infrastructure as code technology anchored in a model-driven approach allows you to define and maintain the system’s desired state, guaranteeing you can scale automation the right way to keep both your IT infrastructure and your business secure and compliant while delivering applications more quickly.

Puppet Enterprise Extensions

Increase the pace of software releases with Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise. Get context for how changes will impact your IT infrastructure so you can make the choice to act on them before applications are in production.

Enable continuous compliance across your IT infrastructure with Puppet Comply. Puppet Comply scans against compliance benchmarks to continuously monitor and report on your state of compliance.

Remediate and enforce compliance issues against regulatory benchmarks with Puppet Compliance Enforcement Modules to save time and stop worrying whether your business is audit-ready.

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The Puppet ecosystem

integrations marquee
integrations marquee

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we built our technology to be open and easily integratable with other solutions. Puppet’s open source marketplace the Forge hosts over 7,000 modules, reusable packages of Puppet code that provide seamless integration with multiple technologies. Puppet products seamlessly integrate with AWS, Azure, DataDog, Google Cloud Platform, Hashicorp, ServiceNow, Snyk, and many more.

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