Upgrading to Bolt 2.0


Welcome to Bolt 2.0!

You can read about new features and changes in our Bolt 2.0 blog post.

Before you upgrade:

You can view upgrade instructions for your operating system at Installing Bolt.

Migrating inventory files from version 1 to version 2

To maintain compatibility with Bolt, migrate your Version 1 inventory files to Version 2. You can complete this process manually by changing the names of some of the keys in the inventory file, or automatically using a Bolt command.

Automatic migration

To automatically migrate a Version 1 inventory file to Version 2, use the following command:

  • *nix shell command

    bolt project migrate
  • PowerShell cmdlet


Bolt will locate the inventory file for the current Bolt project and migrate it in place. You can specify the projects and inventory files you want to migrate using the --project and --inventoryfile command-line options.

Note: This command modifies an inventory file in place and does not preserve comments or formatting. Before using the command, make sure to backup the inventory file.

Manual migration

To manually migrate a Version 1 inventory file, begin by changing all instances of nodes keys to targets keys.

nodes => targets

Then, change any instance of a name key in a Target object to a uri key.

name => uri

Version 1 inventory file

  - name: linux
      - name: target1.example.com
        alias: target1
      - name: target2.example.com
        alias: target2

Version 2 inventory file

  - name: linux
      - uri: target1.example.com
        alias: target1
      - uri: target2.example.com
        alias: target2
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