Want to improve your security posture?

The 2019 State of DevOps Report tells you how.
Puppet Bolt

Learn to use Bolt to execute commands on remote systems, distribute and execute scripts, and run Puppet tasks or task plans on remote systems that don't have Puppet installed.

Puppet Remediate

Minimize the risk of external attacks by prioritizing and fixing vulnerabilities. Install Puppet Remediate, add sources and credentials, and run tasks on vulnerable nodes.

Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise docs help you install, get started, and manage your configuration with both task-based and model-driven automation in a single solution.

Project Nebula

Nebula docs help you to continuously deploy cloud native applications and infrastructure using basic workflow automation.

Open Source Puppet

Find information on installing and configuring Puppet, so you can begin bringing machines into a desired state, and keeping them there through automation. 

Puppet Development Kit

Take advantage of development and testing tools to help you create great Puppet modules. Puppet Development Kit docs show you how.

Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise

Learn about this purpose-built tool that fully integrates with your Puppet Enterprise infrastructure to provide continuous integration and continuous delivery of your Puppet code.

Puppet Discovery

Discover resources running in your infrastructure and take action. Install Puppet Discovery, add sources and credentials, and run tasks on discovered hosts.

Translated docs

Contribute to Puppet docs

To provide feedback on the documentation or to let us know there's an issue, you can open a ticket or email us. If you'd like to work on localizing the docs into another language, we welcome your input.

Docs archive

We have archived content that was formerly hosted on docs.puppet.com. You can continue to review the content in its raw markdown format in our docs-archive repo on GitHub. Only a browser is necessary to browse and view pages. We will also use this location for documentation for Puppet product versions that reach end of life. That way, you'll still have the documentation you need, even though it's no longer maintained.