Configuring Bolt

Configuring Bolt


Create a configuration file to store and automate the command-line flags you use every time you run Bolt.

Configuration for Bolt is loaded from the Bolt project directory. The default project directory is ~/.puppetlabs/bolt/. Configure global options (i.e. the modulepath) at the top level of <boltdir>/bolt.yaml, and configure transport-specific options for each transport.

Bolt config uses the following precedence, from highest precedence (cannot be overridden) to lowest:

  • Target URI (i.e. ssh://user:password@hostname:port)

  • Inventory file options

  • Command line flags

  • Config file options

  • SSH config file options (~/.ssh/config, if using SSH)

  • Project directoriesBolt runs in the context of a project directory or a Boltdir. This directory contains all of the configuration, code, and data loaded by Bolt.

  • Bolt configuration optionsYour Bolt configuration file can contain global and transport options.

  • Using Bolt with Puppet EnterpriseIf you're a Puppet Enterprise (PE) customer, you can configure Bolt to use the PE orchestrator and perform actions on managed targets. Pairing PE with Bolt enables role-based access control, logging, and visual reports in the PE console.

  • Connecting Bolt to PuppetDBConfigure Bolt to connect to PuppetDB.

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