Packaged modules

The following modules are shipped with Bolt packages.

Forge modules

The following Forge modules are shipped with Bolt packages.

Module Version Description
puppetlabs/augeas_core 1.2.0 Manage files using Augeas
puppetlabs/aws_inventory 0.7.0 A task to generate Bolt inventory from AWS EC2 instances
puppetlabs/azure_inventory 0.5.0 A task to generate Bolt inventory from Azure VMs
puppetlabs/cron_core 1.1.0 Install and manage cron resources.
puppetlabs/facts 1.4.0 Tasks that inspect the value of system facts
puppetlabs/gcloud_inventory 0.3.0 A task to generate Bolt inventory from Google Cloud compute engine instances
puppetlabs/host_core 1.1.0 Installs and manages host entries
puppetlabs/http_request 0.3.1 A task for making HTTP requests.
puppetlabs/mount_core 1.1.0 Manages mounted filesystems and mount tables.
puppetlabs/package 2.1.0 Tasks that manipulate a package
puppetlabs/pkcs7 0.1.2 Bolt plugin to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data
puppetlabs/powershell_task_helper 0.1.0 A helper for writing tasks in PowerShell
puppetlabs/puppet_agent 4.9.0 Upgrades All-In-One Puppet Agents
puppetlabs/puppet_conf 1.2.0 Tasks that manipulates a puppet configuration file
puppetlabs/python_task_helper 0.5.0 A Python helper library for use by Puppet Tasks
puppetlabs/reboot 4.1.0 Adds a type and provider for managing system reboots.
puppetlabs/ruby_plugin_helper 0.2.0 A helper for writing Bolt plugins in Ruby
puppetlabs/ruby_task_helper 0.6.0 A helper for writing tasks in ruby
puppetlabs/scheduled_task 3.0.1 Manage scheduled tasks for Windows Server 2008 and newer operating systems.
puppetlabs/secure_env_vars 0.2.0 Run a command or script with sensitive environment variables.
puppetlabs/selinux_core 1.2.0 Manage SELinux context of files
puppetlabs/service 2.1.0 Tasks that manipulate a service
puppetlabs/sshkeys_core 2.3.0 Manage SSH authorized keys, and known hosts.
puppetlabs/stdlib 8.1.0 Standard library of resources for Puppet modules.
puppetlabs/terraform 0.6.1 A task to generate Bolt inventory from Terraform statefiles
puppetlabs/vault 0.4.0 A task to access Bolt configuration from secrets stored in a Hashicorp Vault server
puppetlabs/yaml 0.2.0 YAML plugin for bolt
puppetlabs/yumrepo_core 1.1.0 Manage client yum repo configurations by parsing yum INI configuration files.
puppetlabs/zfs_core 1.3.0 Manage zfs. Create destroy and set properties on zfs instances.
puppetlabs/zone_core 1.0.3 Manage Solaris Zones

Local modules

The following modules are shipped with Bolt packages and are not available on the Puppet Forge.

Module Description
aggregate This module provides the aggregate::count and aggregate::targets plans. These plan allows you to run another task, script, or command and aggregate the results. They aggregate the results of running it across all targets as either a count of targets for each value of a key or the list of targets for each value of a key.The plans work best with a task that produces a JSON object, and will otherwise aggregate across stdout/stderr/exitcode.
canary This module provides the canary plan. This plan allows you to run another task, script, or command in canary mode. First the action will be executed on a small number of targets and only if it succeeds will it run on the rest. Failure Result objects are generated for any target the plan skips and a ResultSet is returned so the plan can be called from another plan in place of the run function that it wraps.
puppet_connect This module provides the puppet_connect::test_input_data plan, which is used to test that the provided Puppet Connect input data is complete. The module should be used exactly as specified in the Puppet Connect docs since it is designed for a highly specialized workflow.
puppetdb_fact This module provides the puppetdb_fact plan, which collects facts for the specified targets from the configured PuppetDB connection and stores the collected facts on the Targets. The updated facts can then be accessed using mytarget.facts.