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These are the new features, resolved issues, and deprecations in this version of Puppet.

Puppet 6.2.0

Released 24 January 2019

New features

Improved support for Solaris pkg provider

This release adds support for install_options for the pkg provider on Solaris. PUP-5287

puppet-agent package available for Red Hat 8 beta

A puppet-agent package is available for the beta release of Red Hat 8. Because this Red Hat version is a beta release, not all functions are verified to work correctly. Do not use this version of puppet-agent in production.

Added protection against illegal methods in legacy functions

Puppet now protects against illegal method definitions in loaded legacy functions. Illegal methods in legacy functionsdisrupt the entire system and can cause difficult-to-diagnose issues. For information on how to remove such methods from legacy functions, see the topic about refactoring legacy functions. PUP-9294

Puppet logs JSON in newline-delimited format

For newline-delimited JSON logs, set the logdest setting or command line option to an absolute path ending with the .jsonl extension, such as puppet agent --logdest /var/log/puppet.jsonl. This is preferable to the JSON format, since the generated log is not valid JSON and requires an appended closing ] to make it valid. PUP-8687

Fedora 27 puppet-agent package no longer available

Fedora 27 reached end of life in November 2018. Updated puppet-agent packages for this version are no longer available.

Resolved issues

Fix for specifying package versions in portage provider

Prior to this release, you could not specify package versions when managing packages with the portage package provider. The provider now accepts and honors a version string for managing packages. PUP-9071

Exceptions encountered during resource pre-fetch are logged

If the Puppet agent encounters exceptions when pre-fetching resources for catalog application, it now logs the exceptions and returns a more useful error message. PUP-8962

Puppet commands fail if the puppet.conf file is unreadable

Puppet commands now fail if Puppet Server is unable to read the puppet.conf file. Only the help and --version commands work if the puppet.conf file is unreadable. PUP-5575

Improved error handling for PNTransformer

When parsing Puppet into structured AST, the Puppet parser produced an error on some empty constructs because the PNTransformer could not resolve them. Now it generates a Nop expression instead. PUP-9400

Failed dependency resources are reported only once

After a failed resource has been reported, other resources that depend on the failed resource will not be reported again. However, you still get the skip message for each skipped resource. PUP-6562

Command line module installation improved

The puppet module install command now downloads only the release metadata it needs to perform dependency resolution, drastically reducing data download and improving installation time. For the puppetlabs-stdlib module, this change reduces the data download from 25MB to 68KB, and any module that depends on stdlib installs faster. PUP-9364

Puppet no longer ignores the srv_domain setting

This release fixes an issue where Puppet 6.0 ignored the srv_domain setting when using DNS SRV records to connect to the ca_server. PUP-9399


Certificate authority subcommands and v1 CA HTTP API

Certificate authority subcommands have been removed from Puppet, including: cert, ca, certificate, certificate request, and certificate_revocation_list. Use puppetserver ca and puppet ssl instead. PUP-8998

As a part of the larger CA rework, the v1 CA HTTP API is removed (everything under the ca url /v1). PUP-3650

For details on changes and the new commands, see our documentation about certificates and SSL.

Ruby certificate authority 

Puppet no longer has a Ruby CA. All CA actions now rely entirely on the Clojure implementation in Puppet Server. It can be interacted with by means of the CA API and the puppetserver ca command, which leverages the API using subcommands like those provided by puppet certPUP-8912

Trusted server facts

Trusted server facts are always enabled and have been deprecated since 5.0. This removes the setting and conditional logic. PUP-8530

write_only_yaml node terminus

The write_only_yaml node terminus was used to “determine the list of nodes that the master knows about” and predated widespread PuppetDB adoption. The write_only_yaml has been deprecated since 4.10.5, and this commit removes it. Note this results in a Puppet Server speedup as it no longer needs to serialize node data as YAML to disk during a compile. PUP-8528

LDAP node terminus

The LDAP node terminus has been removed. PUP-7601

computermacauthorization, and mcx types and providers

The computermacauthorization, and mcx types and providers have been moved to the macdslocal_core module. It is not repackaged into puppet-agent in the 6.0 series.

Nagios types

The Nagios types no longer ship with Puppet, and are now available as the puppetlabs/nagios_core module from the Forge.

Cisco network devices

The Cisco network device types no longer ship with Puppet. These types and providers have been deprecated in favor of the puppetlabs/cisco_ios module, which is available on the Forge. PUP-8575

:undef in types and providers

In previous versions, values from manifests assigned to resource attributes that contained undef values nested in arrays and hashes would use the Ruby symbol :undef to represent those values. When using puppet apply types and providers would see those as :undef or as the string “undef” depending on the implementation of the type. When using a master, the same values were correctly handled. In this version, Ruby nil is used consistently for this. (Top level undef values are still encoded as empty string for backwards compatibility). PUP-9112

puppet module build command

To reduce the amount of developer tooling installed on all agents, this version of puppet removes the puppet module build command. To continue building module packages for the Forge and other repositories, install Puppet Development Kit (PDK). PUP-8763

pcore_type and pcore_value

The earlier experimental -rich_data format used the tags pcore_type and pcore_value, these are now shortened to __ptype and __pvalue respectively. If you are using this experimental feature and have stored serializations you need to change them or write them again with the updated version. PUP-8597


Webrick support (previously deprecated) has been removed. To run Puppet as a server you must use Puppet Server. PUP-8591)

puppet master command

The puppet master command and its subcommands have been removed. Instead, use a  puppet-config command. PE-24280

–strict flag in puppet module 

The –strict flag in puppet module has been removed. The default behavior remains intact, but the tool no longer accepts non-strict versioning (such as release candidates and beta versions). PUP-8558

Select settings

The following settings have been removed:
  • The previously deprecated configtimeout setting has been removed in favor of the http_connect_timeout and http_read_timeout setting. PUP-8534

  • The unused ignorecache setting has been removed. PUP-8533

  • The previously deprecated pluginsync setting has now been removed. The agent’s pluginsync behavior is controlled based on whether it is using a cached catalog or not. PUP-8532

  • The deprecated app_management setting has now been removed. Previously, this setting was ignored, and always treated as though it was set to be on. PUP-8531

  • The deprecated ordering setting has been removed, and catalogs now always have the ordering previously provided by the manifest value of this setting. PUP-6165

  • Settings related to the rack webserver from Puppet, including binaddress and masterhttplog. PUP-3658

String duplication in 3x runtime converter

Types and provider implementations must not mutate the parameter values of a resource. With this release, it is more likely that the parameters of a resource have frozen (that is, immutable) string values and any type or provider that directly mutates a resource parameter may fail. Previously, every resource attribute was copied to not make application break even if they did mutate. Look for use of gsub! in your modules and replace logic with non-mutating version, or operate on a copy of the value. All authors of Forge modules having this problem have been notified. PUP-7141

Puppet.newtype method

The deprecated Puppet.newtype method (deprecated since 2011) has now been removed. (PUP-7078)

Certificate handling commands deprecated but not removed

The following subcommands were deprecated in a previous version and slated for removal in this version. While these subcommands are still deprecated, they have not yet been removed.
  • ca_name
  • cadir
  • cacert
  • cakey
  • capub
  • cacrl
  • caprivatedir
  • csrdir
  • signeddir
  • capass
  • serial
  • autosign
  • allow_duplicate_certs
  • ca_ttl
  • cert_inventory
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