Getting support


The Support team at Puppet provides support for all features and capabilities included in Continuous Delivery for PE.

Supported installation methods

The Support team can assist with the Continuous Delivery for PE installation process using the documented installation methods for the 4.x series:

The Puppet Support team only supports the approved installation methods listed on this page, and cannot assist you with Kubernetes configuration or container runtime issues unrelated to Continuous Delivery for PE.

Application support

The Puppet Support team supports all Continuous Delivery for PE features and capabilities, regardless of where the application is running. However, if a feature is not working correctly due to your runtime environment, the Support team reserves the right to reject the support request.

Creating a support bundle

When seeking support, you might be asked to generate and provide a support bundle. This bundle collects a large amount of logs, system information and Continuous Delivery for PE diagnostics.

To create a support bundle:
  1. In the platform admin console, click Troubleshoot > Generate a support bundle.
  2. Select a method for generating the support bundle:
    • Generate the bundle automatically. Click Analyze Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise, and the platform admin console generates the bundle for you and uploads it to the Troubleshoot page.
    • Generate the bundle manually. Click the prompt to generate a custom command for your installation, then run the command on your cluster. Follow the prompts to upload the bundle to the platform admin console.
  3. Review the collected data before forwarding it to Puppet, as it may contain sensitive information that you wish to redact.
  4. Return to the Troubleshoot page, download the newly created support bundle, and send it to your Puppet Support contact.
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