Welcome to Puppet Application Manager (PAM)

Puppet Application Manager is an administrative console where you can install, access, and manage your Puppet applications. It is also where you can go to access upgrades to new Puppet applications releases.

Useful links:

Puppet Application Manager docs links Other useful places
Before you install
Release notes
System requirements
Install Puppet Application Manager
PAM standalone online install
PAM standalone offline install
PAM HA online install
PAM HA offline install
Upgrading, disaster recovery, and troubleshooting
Upgrading PAM on a Puppet-supported cluster
Backing up PAM using snapshots
Troubleshooting PAM
Docs for related Puppet products
Continuous Delivery for PE
Get support
Upgrade your support plan
Share and contribute
Engage with the Puppet community
Puppet Forge
Open source projects from Puppet on GitHub
External resources
Getting started with Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf software (KOTS)