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Puppet has a supportive, active community of thousands of people who are making Puppet better — and making IT a better place to work.

You can get involved in the Puppet community by connecting at events, getting or giving help in any of our many channels, sharing modules on the Forge, and many other ways. However you decide to jump in, we know you'll learn a lot and enjoy meeting the smart, friendly people who make up the Puppet community. 

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Latest Activity


how to configure directory as environments?


how to install and update jira using puppet.

Trey Dockendorf

pcp 1.4.1


(maint) Fix --hypervisor vagrant_libvirt

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Puppet user groups (we call them PUGs) are meetups where the community gets together to learn, share and connect with fellow Puppet users. There are more than 60 PUGs around the world, from Johannesburg to Melbourne, Berlin to Buenos Aires, Tokyo to Copenhagen, plus most major cities in the United States. We encourage you to find a group near you, or a start a new one yourself.
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