Expert help from professional engineers

As our customer, you’re at the top of our list with guaranteed response times, a support portal with a current knowledge base, and professional engineers to support your Puppet solution. We offer two support plans: Premium and Standard. Every product license includes Standard support from day one. Our support is industry leading and customer focused.

Want more? A Technical Account Manager (TAM) is a dedicated advisor who works collaboratively with you to meet your business goals with our products. Your TAM will engage with Puppet’s engineering, product management and customer success teams on your behalf as your spokesperson.

Expert help from professional engineers

Premium support

Premium support is the best choice if your business is global, spans multiple geos, or is critical and requires around the clock support. This plan gives you access to hundreds of current knowledge base articles and the ability to open support cases at our support portal.

Contact us to add premium support to your Puppet product license.

Premium support

Standard support

A key component of every successful Puppet implementation is access to a knowledgeable support team. That’s why every Puppet product license includes standard support from day one.

  • Access to thousands of knowledge base articles
  • Create and manage support tickets for timely help
  • Online support during normal business hours
  • Access to product updates and upgrades
Standard support
Support plans comparison

Puppet offers two levels of support plans, Premium or Standard, with service options to meet a range of needs. We believe all customers should get the support they need, therefore every Puppet customer is enrolled in the plan of your choice.

  Premium Standard
Support hours 24 x 7 x 365 Monday - Friday
8a.m. - 6p.m.
Local customer time zone
Response times* Any hour, anytime
Priority 1: 1 hour
Priority 2: 4 hours
Priority 3: 12 hours
Priority 1: 1 business hour
Priority 2: 4 business hours
Priority 3: 12 business hours
Phone support Priority 1: 24x7 -
Online support
Number of cases per month Unlimited 5
Maximum number of technical contacts Unlimited 4
Access to all updates & upgrades of Puppet product
Access to all updates & upgrades of Puppet Enterprise
Access to authenticated Knowledge Base
Included training seats (annually) Puppet offers two (2) vouchers for Puppet Enterprise Customers with under 500 nodes, and four (4) vouchers for Puppet Enterprise Customers with 500 nodes and above per Support Services term

* Company holidays are observed and local offices are closed.

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