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Updates to Puppet Enterprise-only modules make them widely accessible

I’m happy to announce that Puppet Enterprise-only modules are now more widely available for use and now have public code repositories! There have been Puppet modules for use with Puppet Enterprise only for a long time, such as the Microsoft SQL Server and VMware vSphere modules. For these modules we consistently got two pieces of feedback:

  • First is that it’s too hard to get the module code anywhere but a licensed Puppet Enterprise master. If you are trialling Puppet Enterprise or want to run them locally, in CI or with Bolt apply it’s a pain to get the actual module code where you need it.

  • Second is that closed repos aren’t working. They make it difficult for you to review changes release after release. Also you can’t contribute to the modules through the everyday PR process you’d use with an open repo module.

To rectify this we’ve made some key changes.

Try them now with Bolt or a Puppet Enterprise trial

As of now we have expanded the licensing terms for these modules. What’s new is that you can now use the modules with the Puppet Enterprise 10-node trial license as well as for up to 90 days with Bolt. Bolt now lets you easily manage servers remotely using your own Puppet content or with existing content from the Forge. Bolt makes it easy to get the power of Puppet-managed infrastructure.

Download module code where you like

On the availability side, the typical ways you download module code will now work anywhere with Puppet Enterprise-only modules. Code Manager, r10k and puppet module install will now download Puppet Enterprise-only modules anywhere you need them to be. This means that trying modules out with Bolt apply or testing them in your CI/CD pipeline is much easier.

Public code repos

Finally, the repos for the modules are now open to the public. You can the see the history of changes as you could with any other project. And of course the PR process is the same as with any other module that Puppet maintains.

If you aren’t already a Puppet Enterprise customer we hope that you will check out these modules, which are only a bolt apply away from managing new resources.

Lindsey Smith is a Principal Product Manager at Puppet.

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