Puppet: A better way to deliver assured security compliance

Puppet, the recognized industry leader in automated security configuration management solutions for enterprise-scale organizations, enables agencies to define their infrastructure as code so they can build security policies directly into their IT configurations and know they will be deployed, continuously monitored, and enforced as intended. A proven open source solution that is highly scalable, Puppet is adaptable to any IT development, test, and production environment, whether on premises or in the cloud. And it is supported by a robust global community of experts and developers.

Puppet offers a single solution that:

  • Ensures consistent security compliance throughout the IT infrastructure

  • Generates reports automatically to document compliance

  • Supports the most robust DevSecOps processes

Puppet delivers the following value to federal agency security programs:

Automate government with Puppet Enterprise

Improved security compliance and configuration consistency

Puppet helps federal agencies dramatically improve compliance rates by automating the tedious work of keeping heterogenous, enterprise-scale IT environments properly configured and patched. Once Puppet brings an IT environment into compliance, it continuously monitors the infrastructure and verifies that any changes made are correctly enforcing organizational policies. When differences are detected, Puppet automatically remediates systems back to their compliant state. Being able to bring IT environments into compliance with accepted configuration standards — and then to continuously monitor, maintain, and document that compliance — enables Puppet to serve as an important security control for Risk Management Framework (RMF) programs.

Node Management

Less time and money

STIG and other compliance activities are reduced from weeks or days down to minutes. Puppet’s ability to automate the laborious processes of bringing sprawling IT infrastructures into compliance with security configuration policies, keeping them in compliance, and producing audit trails to demonstrate compliance translates into more efficient use of IT staff resources, less time and cost dedicated to compliance activities, and the avoidance of penalties for noncompliance.
Stop configuration drift

Improved compliance documentation for audits

Puppet provides agencies the robust, automated, real-time reporting capabilities they will need to satisfy Command Cyber Readiness Inspections (CCRIs), inspector general’s audits, or internal security team audits. With Puppet, agencies can easily push out new security configurations and document those steps. Puppet provides rich, interactive graphical reporting so security teams and auditors know exactly how infrastructures and applications are configured, the relationships between them, and their dependencies. Reporting functions track changes in real time, including who made changes and why — and that translates into quicker, less costly audits and faster remediation of any issues that arise due to configuration changes.

Improved compliance

Improved DevSecOps

Puppet enables agencies’ DevSecOps teams to model security-compliant IT environments — whether cloud-based or on premises — in an automated fashion to develop and test software so new applications run, operate, and are secure as expected. Moreover, Puppet gives IT teams a common language to successfully adopt DevSecOps practices, such as version control, code review, automated testing, continuous integration and automated deployment.
Enforce security policies

Better use of IT staff resources

Puppet’s ability to automate the laborious processes involved in managing security compliance, IT infrastructure administration, and software delivery means agencies’ IT staffs can focus more on innovation, not maintenance.

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Government Distributors

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Puppet stats
  • SIC Code: 7372
  • NAICS Code: 511210
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  • GSA Contract: GS-35F-0524Y
  • Cage Code: 5YM55
  • DUNS Number: 627008373
  • CON: 11757


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