Deliver better software faster with automation

Puppet eliminates manual work from your infrastructure management and software delivery process so you can more quickly deliver great software securely and on demand. On average, our customers deploy software 3X faster with Puppet Enterprise.

3 times faster deployments

Improve productivity and reduce tool sprawl

Puppet Enterprise helps you improve organizational productivity, go-to-market agility and collaboration across your teams while reducing tool proliferation. Puppet Enterprise gives you and all your IT teams a common language they can use to successfully adopt DevOps practices, such as version control, code review, automated testing, continuous integration and automated deployment.

Deliver better software, Faster with Puppet Enterprise

One platform to enforce desired state and automate tasks

Puppet Enterprise delivers a unified platform that allows you to both enforce the desired state of your configurations and automatically remediate any unexpected changes with Puppet Tasks. That combination gives you the power and control you need across your infrastructure and applications in a single platform.

Puppet Enterprise Events

Real-time reporting

With rich, interactive graphical reporting, you know exactly how your infrastructure and applications are configured, the relationships between them, and their dependencies. You now know what has changed in real time, who made the change and what caused it. That means you can remediate issues more quickly and reduce mean time to recover.

Puppet Enterprise Nodes

Orchestration and visual workflows

Orchestrate phased infrastructure and application deployments using intuitive visual workflows. Puppet automatically determines the correct order of operations, any information that must be securely passed between services, and when to wait for a service to become available before moving on with the deployment.

Before Puppet, it would take us some time between four weeks to never to achieve major changes across our infrastructure organization and our legacy fleet. Now by managing some of these settings with Puppet, we've been able to move from taking months, or in some cases never finishing some of these kinds of infrastructure changes or deployments, to being able to make those changes in hours.”

Martin Jackson, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Walmart

Constant modernization with Puppet

With Puppet, you can efficiently move workloads to any modern infrastructure (cloud, containers, hybrid cloud) in a matter of days, and deploy within hours, all with lower risk and greater flexibility. Puppet helps erase the differences across your heterogeneous environments so you can focus on innovation, not maintenance.


Puppet Enterprise capabilities

Puppet Enterprise gives you a full set of capabilities to manage IT infrastructure and applications across your entire software delivery pipeline.

Puppet Enterprise Node Graph

Continuously deliver infrastructure code faster and with more confidence

Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise gives you a simple, prescriptive way to build, test, promote and deploy infrastructure code so you can deliver changes faster and more reliably. Built for the purpose of applying CI/CD practices to the infrastructure you manage with Puppet Enterprise, it’s now easy to use the same workflows for infrastructure delivery that developers use for applications.


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