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What is Puppet Enterprise?

Puppet Enterprise is the only solution that combines both model‑based and task-based capabilities in a way that enables organizations to scale their multi-cloud infrastructure as their automation footprint grows. With both agent-based and agentless capabilities, organizations have the flexibility to automate what they want, and how they want.

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It’s no longer just about modernizing IT operations, it’s about serving the rest of the business.

From orchestrating simple tasks to securing global infrastructure, Puppet Enterprise helps organizations automate infrastructure in the most reliable way.

It was very important for us—the concept of infrastructure as code. We believed this would help for us and our customers to innovate faster. Here is where Puppet played an important role.
Andreas Knol, Technical Product Manager, KPN
Thousands of companies already use the Puppet platform today.

Manage infrastructure at global scale, safely

Eliminate silos and help teams accelerate application deployment timeframes, with a simple and prescriptive way to build, test, promote and deploy infrastructure code to deliver changes faster and more reliably.

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solution-briefManage Infrastructure Automation at Global Scale with Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise

Automate workflows with powerful orchestration

Reuse existing code or integrate shared content from the Puppet Forge to orchestrate complex tasks and plans to deploy applications. Manage infrastructure using both imperative (work-flow based) and declarative (model-based) automation types for greater flexibility.

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Keep infrastructure healthy and secure

Pre-built patching task automation for Windows and Linux makes it faster and easier to keep hosts healthy, secure and compliant by replacing time-consuming and error prone steps. Quickly use and standardize patching processes across the organization.

Learn more in this blog post.

Enforce security and compliance

Build security, compliance, and operational policies into your infrastructure model. Enforced desired state, automatically remediate unexpected changes, and trace intent and verification.

Puppet’s continuous enforcement of desired state and reporting capabilities ensure security and compliance requirements are met and exceeded.

solution-briefSecurity and Compliance
white paperDevOps - The Path to Continuous Compliance and Better Security

Deploy applications with confidence

See the potential impact of proposed code changes with Impact Analysis.

Puppet helps organizations safely scale their automation across teams and provides greater insight and confidence that the changes made across the infrastructure are implemented safely.

white paperGetting Started with Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise
postMerge infrastructure code with confidence using Impact Analysis

Self-service automation

Empower teams outside of the central IT org to own and manage their own infrastructure automation without having to manage the tooling. Give federated teams the ability to own the authoring, validation, and delivery of the automation content for their service without blocking or being blocked by others.

Integrate with core technologies

Provision cloud infrastructure with Puppet and Hashicorp, automate workflows and change management with Puppet and ServiceNow, provision hybrid cloud infrastructure with VMware, and more to successfully standardize and scale the management of your IT environments.

Puppet Integrations

  • Efficiency & Cost Containment 
    Gain fine-grained visibility and control into infrastructure at scale. Learn how Splunk quickly scaled and deployed changes across their entire fleet.
  • Time to Value 
    Easily integrate into existing workflows for faster time to value. Learn how Daiwa Capital decreased the time spent provisioning environments from weeks to 10 minutes per environment.
  • Security and Governance 
    Meet operational, regulatory, and security requirements with policy-as-code. Learn how ANZ used Puppet for compliance reporting and enforcement across their disparate servers.

Try Puppet Enterprise

Get Puppet Enterprise up and running today and begin automating your IT infrastructure, regardless of whether it lives in your on-premise data center or the cloud. We offer several ways to get started, including the Puppet Learning VM, a free full-featured Puppet Enterprise instance you can run on up to 10 nodes, and the cloud-native AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise. No matter which way you choose, you can start automating today.

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