Deliver better software faster with automation.

Puppet eliminates manual work from your software delivery process so you can deliver great software rapidly, securely and on demand. On average, our customers improve their deployment speed by 3X with Puppet Enterprise.

Improve productivity and reduce tool sprawl

Puppet Enterprise helps you improve organizational productivity, go-to-market agility and collaboration across your teams while reducing tool proliferation. Puppet delivers a user-friendly, unified platform that combines a model-driven approach with imperative task execution so you can effectively manage hybrid infrastructure across its entire lifecycle. Puppet Enterprise provides you with the common language that all teams in an IT organization can use to successfully adopt DevOps practices such as version control, code review, automated testing, continuous integration and automated deployment.

Puppet enterprise

Constant modernization with Puppet

Puppet gives you the ability to efficiently move workloads to any modern infrastructure (cloud, containers, hybrid cloud) in a matter of days, and deploy within hours, all with lower risk and greater flexibility across heterogeneous environments.


“Customers are adopting a hybrid cloud strategy….Puppet applies to all standard layers that we use to manage all those clouds for them.”

Jerry Caupain, IT architect, KPN

One platform to enforce desired state and automate tasks

Puppet Enterprise delivers a unified platform that allows you to both enforce the desired state of your configurations and automatically remediate any unexpected changes, and to automate ad hoc tasks across infrastructure and applications.

Discovery and remediation

Puppet Enterprise inspects and reports on packages running across your infrastructure, whether they’re managed by Puppet or not. You can quickly identify packages that are eligible for maintenance updates, security patching and license renewals directly from a rich web UI.

Discovery and remediation

Real-time reporting

With rich, interactive graphical reporting, you know exactly how your infrastructure and applications are configured and the relationships and dependencies between each. You now know what has changed in real time, who made the change and what caused it, and whether it was intentional or corrective. You can troubleshoot faster, remediate issues more quickly and reduce mean time to recover.

Real-time reporting

Orchestration and visual workflows

Orchestrate phased infrastructure and application deployments using intuitive visual workflows. Puppet automatically determines the correct order of operations, what information needs to be securely passed between services, and when to wait for a service to become available before moving on with the deployment.

Orchestration and visual workflows

Puppet Enterprise capabilities

Puppet Enterprise gives you a full set of capabilities to manage infrastructure and applications across the entire software delivery pipeline.

Code Changes

Deliver and operate everything you have.

Puppet Enterprise gives you a common language to deliver and operate all of your software no matter where it runs. Here are a few of the technologies Puppet can help you work with.

From startups to 75% of the Fortune 100, thousands of companies rely on Puppet.