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Make infrastructure delivery and management reliable, fast, and drama-free. Puppet Enterprise delivers continuous enforcement of security and compliance policies with a single source of configuration truth, scales across teams and servers, accelerates cloud migration safely, and increases productivity and employee satisfaction.
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Deliver and manage any cloud, infrastructure, or service

Automate all the things across your multi-cloud infrastructure at scale with agentless and agent-based automation in a single platform.

Make audits stress-free with policy-as-code and automatic drift remediation

Build security, compliance, and operational policies right into your multi-cloud infrastructure code. Enforce system desired state, automatically remediate unexpected changes, and trace intent and verification.

We want to make sure we scale efficiently as we scale our customer base — with Puppet we can do that. We can focus on the larger picture, and drive more scalability. We’re not mired down in toil work doing rote, repetitive, error-prone tasks. We’re focused on both the high-value problems we solve at Splunk and we solve for our customers.
Chris Vervais, Director, Site Reliability Engineering at Splunk

Use pre-defined workflows to build, test, and deploy infrastructure

Get visibility into the status of code builds to your control repos and audit trails for who changed what as infrastructure code is tested and promoted across environments.

Assess the impact of changes before they happen

View the effect and risk of any proposed infrastructure code changes before they happen. Quickly approve and deploy lower-risk while enabling more scrutiny for higher-risk changes.

Realize value faster with training and implementation help

Rapidly deploy and successfully implement Puppet Enterprise across your entire infrastructure with our training, jumpstart packages, and custom implementation offerings.

Leverage our community

Join our supportive, active community of thousands who are making Puppet better — and making IT a better place to work.

Get started quickly with thousands of prebuilt modules

Choose from thousands of prebuilt Puppet Forge modules. Automate everything from DNS and NTP to Apache web servers, MySQL database servers, AWS, Docker containers, Kubernetes clusters, and much more.


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