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PuppetConf 2013 Videos Are Here!

PuppetConf 2013 had no shortage of great talks, great speakers and great community. With over 75 talks in two days, there was no way to make every session (even if you were among the 5,500 in-person and live stream attendees). We're pleased to present the video archive of the talks from PuppetConf 2013.
There's something for everyone, with sessions ranging from "Building Data-Driven Infrastructure with Puppet", to "So You Want to Contribute to Puppet? A Getting Started Guide" to "Vagrant + Rouster at salesforce.com." We can't thank our speakers, sponsors, and attendees enough for a phenomenal conference. Don't forget to join us for PuppetConf 2014—we'll be back in San Francisco on September 23–24 of next year.

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