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Puppet and Vagrant Tutorial

If you read Max Martin's fantastic DevOps December piece, Q: Are We Not Devs? A: We Are DevOps!, you were probably wondering two things:

  1. What’s with the funky title? (hint: it's a nerdy DEVO reference)
  2. How do I set up my own Puppet + Vagrant development environment?

Lucky for you, Max wrote a fantastic two-part article for linux.com on how to Provision a New Linux Dev Environment in Nothing Flat with Puppet. A less nerdy title with a very nerdy tutorial on automating the management and provisioning of development environments with Puppet and Vagrant. Here’s a taste:

Setting up a development environment for a web application can seem simple—just use SQLite and WEBrick or a similar development server—but taking shortcuts can quickly lead to problems. What happens when you need to onboard new team members? What if your team members are geographically distributed? How do you prevent bugs from creeping in when the production environment's configuration drifts away from the development environment? Even if you've managed to set up a picture-perfect development environment, what happens when a developer inevitably breaks its configuration?

Still hungry? Check out the full article and stay tuned for part two, where Max shows how to use Puppet to provision Vagrant-managed virtual machines.

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