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Cloud Automation: PayPal’s OpenStack Secret Sauce

Diagram showing Cloud Automation at PayPal

PayPal makes online payments secure and painless for millions of customers per day. But PayPal’s internal customers found the pain of deploying services so great, the company’s operations team knew it had to do something.

New VMware Provider Gives Vagrant a Boost

Developers need a quick, reproducible method for creating environments to run and test their applications. Vagrant addresses this need by making it easy to create and control virtual machines.

Until recently, the only virtualization provider for Vagrant was for VirtualBox. That changed this spring when Vagrant creator Mitchell Hashimoto released a VMware provider for Vagrant. Now you can use Vagrant to create and control VMware virtual machines using VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion along with VirtualBox.

Getting it Straight from the Source at PuppetConf: Justin Seabrook-Rocha & Patrick Adair

When you’re responsible for keeping other people’s enterprise websites up and running, you never want to say you’re sorry they’re down.

That’s why Justin Seabrook-Rocha and Patrick Adair both use Puppet technology in their work for Hurricane Electric, an internet services company whose transit backbone connects to more than 2,100 IP networks. Hurricane Electric is located in Fremont, California, and Justin & Patrick both work in the same building that was once the manufacturing facility for NeXT Computer, Steve Jobs’ gig before his 1997 return to the helm of Apple.

Both Justin, a network engineer, and Patrick, a network technician, are registered for PuppetConf in August. They’re expecting to get tips and advice from other attendees and speakers on ways to make their own Puppet infrastructure better, and the latest updates on what’s new with Puppet.

Release management best practices have changed

Release management best practices have evolved over time as software tools that manage and automate parts of the process appear. As a result, established structures are ever changing. An example of this is a 2007 piece on Buildmeister about best practices that were inspired by ITIL, the ISO standard IT Infrastructure Library.

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