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New Windows Module Pack and Microsoft SQL Server Module

We’re happy to announce our new Windows module pack available today and our Microsoft SQL Server module, which will be available later this month. We released our first agent for Windows in Puppet Enterprise 2.5, and since then, we’ve added many more capabilities to make managing Windows easier for our users.

As part of our ongoing effort to make it easy for users to find the best module to solve specific automation tasks and quickly deploy them into production, we announced Puppet Supported and Puppet Approved modules. The new Windows module pack includes all Puppet Supported and Approved modules for Windows, including all of their dependencies, and you can download the entire pack with a single command. The Windows module pack includes:

Puppet Supported Modules:

  • ACL - Provides fine-grained control of security, with the ability to set permissions for users and groups from within Puppet Enterprise.

  • PowerShell - Enables administrators to manage services like backups, user profiles, IIS, Exchange and more from Puppet Enterprise, by executing PowerShell cmdlets.

  • Registry - Allows admins to automate the management of Windows Registry keys and values.

  • Reboot - Automates the manual task of rebooting Windows after you install a package or when a reboot is pending.

Puppet Approved Modules:

  • windowsfeature - enables admins to turn Windows features on or off for Windows Server 2008 and above.

We’re also including the excellent opentable/download_file and opentable/iis modules, by our friends at Open Table, which will both be approved soon. On the Forge, we currently have over 100 Windows modules available. With our new quality score and community rating system, you can help us determine the next set of approved modules. Please give it a try!

The Microsoft SQL Server module will be available later this month for Puppet Enterprise customers. The days of hand rolling your MS SQL databases are gone. Now you can use Puppet to:

  • Install and manage SQL Server Tools
  • Create and manage databases
  • Create logins with passwords and manage server roles

We’ll be adding more features to this module, so stay tuned.

Also, in case you missed it, as of Puppet Enterprise 3.7, we released 64-bit agents for Windows, so you no longer have to deal with those pesky file redirection issues. As always, we’d love to know how we can improve your experience managing Windows, so please leave a comment.

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