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Investing for our customers’ success

I joined Puppet just over a year ago, and it’s been about seven months since I became CEO. So I've had a front-row seat to observe, and be part of, the extraordinary work that goes into building Puppet.

As a result, I have an even greater appreciation for why Luke Kanies started this company. Our customers' journey is taking place at a time of tectonic shifts in technology around cloud, hybrid cloud, new development approaches like containers, and new types of infrastructure that are emerging every day. But none of these new technologies can help companies realize their potential without automation. There are just too many moving parts.

Luke wanted to help customers solve real problems, and that’s what continues to drive us today. We are not on a journey to build some esoteric set of technologies that look good on paper. We are here to solve real problems — real problems that are hard to solve. And we’ve proven ourselves.

We were the first company to realize that if you want to manage everything in a data center, you need shareable, scalable, reusable content for managing your environments and enforcing policies. We built the world’s largest, most vibrant technology community around that idea — and so defined modern automation for a world of rapid technology change.

Today, Puppet's revolutionary platform is the industry standard for delivering and operating software, no matter where it runs. And we're the industry's trusted bridge from the established technology you depend on today to the new technology that will power you into your future.

Our success is due in very large part to you, our community and our customers. You talk to us, sharing your needs and concerns with us. So we're reinvesting the fruits of our success in a multi-year plan to make sure we're staying close to you in every way. We’re perfectly positioned to help solve the next set of problems, as today's announcements demonstrate.

New innovation

At Puppet, we empower people through software. We're thrilled to introduce two compelling new offerings beyond Puppet Enterprise:

  • Lumogon™ gives you a window into your Docker images and running containers, allowing you to collect, query and report on metadata for your containerized applications.

  • Puppet Cloud Discovery™ gives you situational awareness and insight into the state of your cloud infrastructure. 

Our chief product officer, Omri Gazitt, writes about these new developments in a separate post.

In addition to these new innovations, our latest version of Puppet Enterprise is now generally available (including in Japanese), and Puppet 5, our newest version of the open source platform, will be available later this month. You can read about the details of new capabilities in our flagship products in this post.

Global expansion

Customers being paramount, we want to be where our customers are. Our customers have massive global deployments. Last November, we expanded our office in London. Now we're opening an Asia Pacific and Japan headquarters in Singapore this month, and we're building on our success and expanding our Sydney office. We're opening a new R&D center in Seattle, Washington, to expand our engineering footprint. Our Belfast, Northern Ireland, office grows every day, as we continue to hire and do more engineering there. Our office in Plzen, Czech Republic, continues to do great work.

Deepening our alliances, adding new ones

As companies recognize that they must become software companies — at least to some degree — in order to succeed, they rely not just on Puppet, but on a range of technologies. We make sure you can use Puppet with the other technologies and the service providers you rely on.

Two particularly notable partnership developments include:

And we’ve grown...a lot

Our growth can now be measured in so many ways beyond revenue — by the breadth of our deployments; the fact that we work with the world's largest brands; the kinds of use cases we cover; the fact that more than 75 percent of the Fortune 100 uses Puppet; and that so many different kinds of companies worldwide rely on our products. We added more than 250 new customers last year, in addition to expanding with existing customers who are delighted with what Puppet does for them.

It’s all about the people

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that Puppet is all about the people. You can have the best technology in the world sitting on your data center floor, but it will do nothing for you until someone makes magic happen with it. We are here to enable and empower people through a common language, so you can move forward without having to constantly reinvent the wheel. We make people better, and make companies better, because our technology is built for that. And we promise we will continue to build for that.

Sanjay Mirchandani is the CEO of Puppet.

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