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GIF of kitten doing coding for International Cat Day and PuppetConf 2017 discount

Yep, you read this right. If you know Puppet, you know we have a great admiration for dogs. It’s a delight coming to work with awesome people every day, but we also have an extra perk: getting to pet our doggy friends in our London, Belfast, Seattle, and Portland offices. Whether wagging their tails, begging for treats, or being generally adored, it’s a joy to be surrounded by our furry colleagues.

But let’s get real: In our industry, cats rule supreme. In fact, cats rule the internet. So in honor of International Cat Day on 8 August, we're offering you an extra 5 percent discount when you register for PuppetConf 2017. That's on top of our 20 percent early bird discount, which ends at midnight (Pacific Time) on Thursday 10 August.

The early bird catches the worm, but it's the cat that catches the bird. So get your 25 percent discount 8–10 August, and then thank the purring companion on your lap (or laptop, as the case may be). To get the 25 percent discount, register and enter code meow. Then join us at PuppetConf 2017, 10–12 October in San Francisco, California for two-plus days of hands-on learning, collaboration and fun with all your Puppet friends.

GIF of man in cat shirt in honor of International Cat Day and PuppetConf 2017 discount

Lisa Gregory is the PuppetConf event manager and director of strategic events at Puppet.

Learn more

  • Register by 10 August to save 20 percent on your PuppetConf ticket. Better yet, register between 8 and 10 August to get an extra 5 percent off!
  • Need to convince your boss why you must attend PuppetConf 2017? Use this letter — it has a proven track record of convincing bosses around the world.
  • Location and travel information for PuppetConf. Stay at the conference hotel, Hilton San Francisco Union Square. Book early — we always sell out.
  • Follow PuppetConf on Twitter to get updates: @puppetconf.
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