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Expanded partnerships and programs for cloud, networking and security

In the spirit of automating the software all around us, we’re excited to announce new partnerships and programs that help our customers scale automation success broadly. We partner with leading cloud, networking and security companies to help solve more of our joint customers challenges as they move forward in their automation journey.

To start, we’ve announced new offerings for Azure and Windows to help customers scale automation across their on-premises and cloud infrastructure. These latest offerings include specific modules and a new program to help accelerate migration to the cloud:

  • Auto-generated Azure ARM module: The new auto-generated Azure ARM module can manage any resource and service supported by Azure Resource Manager. It supports over 220 existing ARM resources and as new resources are added, the module will be automatically updated to support them.
  • DSC Lite module: This is a lighter-weight alternative to our DSC module that provides more flexibility for advanced users of DSC. This streamlined module makes it easy to use resources that are not vendored with the original DSC module, including class-based and custom DSC resources.
  • Windows Scheduled Tasks module: Our new Scheduled Tasks module supports Microsoft's Task Scheduler 2.0 API, which allows for more complex triggers and scheduling options.
  • Azure Accelerator Program: Puppet has partnered with Microsoft and Barracuda to create an accelerated migration program to help customers move their workflows to the cloud. This program offers a risk-free way to automate and manage mission-critical workloads while addressing the complexities of security, privacy and compliance concerns. Customers can get started with free software from Puppet and Barracuda and unlimited use of Microsoft Azure for 90 days.

In addition, we’re very excited to share new innovations that bring agentless networking automation to Cisco devices:

  • Today we announced a private beta release of our new Cisco IOS module. Puppet Enterprise customers that want early access and input into the development of this module, including support for specific devices and resources, can request access by emailing networkingbeta@puppet.com. This new module currently enables agentless management of Cisco Catalyst (IOS) devices.
  • The Cisco ACI module enables automated management of Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) policies.
  • Additionally, we’re collaborating with the Cisco Meraki team to create a module that will enable teams to automate the management of Meraki network devices.

We’ve also added new technology alliance partners including Barracuda, Lenovo, Nutanix and Xmatters. We’re excited to work together with these new technology partners to offer integrations and modules that extend support for networking, cloud migration and security automation.

Samm DiStasio is Vice President of Business Development at Puppet.