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Catch up with Puppetize Live San Francisco

We kicked off Puppetize Live at The Village in San Francisco. It was an honor to have our Puppet team, DevOps and automation experts, and our community in this exciting space. Catch up on what went on during our inaugural Puppetize Live event with our collection of videos below.

To join the discussion, head over to the Puppet Slack channel. Meet our experts and the community to chat about the event and learn more about the exciting Puppet news.

What's Puppetize Live?

One of the biggest bits of feedback we’ve received over the years is to globalize our annual event. This inspired experimentation with something new: to share DevOps, cloud, containers, and software automation stories from organizations and stellar individuals from around the world on our global stage.

CEO Sanjay Mirchandani opened with the Puppet Keynote

CPO Omri Gazitt followed up with big product announcements

Get a full overview of Puppet’s new product announcements in this blog article.

Puppet’s Alex Bilmes introduced Puppet Insights to the world

Learn more about Puppet Insights from our recent product launch article.

Google Cloud Platform walked through a cloud migration with Puppet

Google’s Alex Stephen and Nathan McKinley talked about Google Cloud and Puppet’s series of modules that allow you to construct your cloud infrastructure quickly.

Learn how these modules will help you migrate quickly to the cloud, help you effortlessly scale your workflows, and leverage your institutional Puppet knowledge. Try Google Cloud with Puppet.

Puppet’s Eric Sorenson previewed Puppet Enterprise 2019 and Puppet 6

We learned about the brand new version of Puppet Enterprise, PE2019. It's built on the latest open source Puppet 6 Platform and includes a host of new features, usability improvements, performance enhancements, and bugfixes. Learn more on our launch article.

Emily Freeman drew connections between Spartans, Mongols, Romans and… developers!

This talk focused on three distinct military organizations: Spartans, Mongols and Romans. Sparta’s standing army numbered 10,000 whereas Rome’s peaked at half a million. Emily walked us through the structure of each military and how to apply the lessons learned to our development teams and organizations.

Walmart’s Martin Jackson shared stories from their collaborative culture

We got a sneak peek into how one of the largest commercial companies in the world scales automation and DevOps practices across the enterprise.

Splunk gave us a look into Splunk Cloud with Puppet Enterprise

Chris Vervais and George Starkey walked through how Splunk uses its Splunk Cloud product with Puppet Enterprise to improve how they serve customers at scale.

Encore Technology’s Nick Maludy explored automation with Puppet Bolt

Take a closer look at how Encore and Puppet work together to carve out new paths toward lightning-fast automation with Bolt.

Puppet’s Michael Stahnke gave some DevOps success realtalk

DevOps success requires measurement, benchmarking, and also winning over skeptics to keep the good times rolling.

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This concludes all that went on in San Francisco, but it's only a third of the event. There are more stories from Puppetize Live Sydney and Amsterdam to share. Along with that, learn more about the big Puppet announcements coming out of the event: