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Announcing Puppet Enterprise for VMware Cloud on AWS and AppDefense

This morning at VMworld US, VMware announced initial availability of VMware Cloud on AWS, as well as a new security solution, VMware AppDefense. VMware is a long-standing partner and we’re thrilled to share our latest collaboration: Puppet Enterprise is now validated to run on VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS and integrated with AppDefense.

VMC on AWS enables customers to run VMware’s enterprise-class software-defined data center (SDDC) software on dedicated, bare metal AWS infrastructure. Customers can take advantage of AWS’s global footprint and breadth of services, and easily move workloads between their vSphere®-based private cloud to VMC on AWS. We’ve validated Puppet Enterprise to work on VMC on AWS so customers can reuse their existing Puppet configurations to migrate workloads and seamlessly manage their hybrid cloud environments.

VMware also announced the availability of AppDefense, formerly known as Project Goldilocks. AppDefense is a security solution that uniquely protects applications running on VMware vSphere-based virtualized and cloud environments. Leveraging the virtual infrastructure to create a “least privilege” model around applications, AppDefense can control app behavior, and detect and automate response to attacks that attempt to manipulate the application. Puppet Enterprise is used by many operations teams to ensure that their machines can be managed properly at scale and that they have the right software installed.

Integrating AppDefense with Puppet Enterprise allows us to assign group and role information to VMs within AppDefense, and also pre-populate allowed behavior based on the Puppet configuration, which limits the manual effort required by security teams. It also allows security teams to get early notification if a software update is planned on a machine, which can significantly reduce false positives when monitoring behavior.

If you’re at VMworld US this week, please stop by booth 1107 to see demos from our technical experts. Also, be sure to check out these sessions to learn more:

Rob Lee is a director of business development at Puppet.

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