At Puppet we always strive to build tools that you will love to use. A huge part of making great products is direct feedback from people like you. By joining Puppet Test Pilot’s you can be part of the team that helps shape Puppet’s future.

Puppet Test Pilots provide input directly to the people who build Puppet, which makes Puppet a better product for you and everyone else.

What you get as a Puppet Test Pilot

  • Direct access to the designers and product owners at Puppet
  • Invitations to test new features and share how you use current ones
  • Opportunities to tell us about problems you have experienced and how you're solving them
  • Opportunities for discounts on Puppet training, Amazon gift cards, and exclusive Puppet Test Pilot t-shirts

Fill out the form at right to join.

"It's really great to see how things work within the Puppet design process."

- Jeff Goldschrafe, systems and storage manager

"I'm happy to be part of any process that helps improve Puppet. It's a tool I swear by and use all the time."

- Jeff P., Systems Engineer

"I had even more fun than you with testing the new functionality. I appreciate the opportunity to shape the product features and eventually receive a product that serves my needs better. Not even to mention the head start I am getting from this exposure. I am looking forward to next engagements with you! "

- Alex A., Member of Technical Staff, IT Engineering

"These sessions are always a lot of fun for me."

- Michael H., System Administrator