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Announcing Puppet Discovery™!

Editor's note: As of 29 May 2019, we've sunsetted Puppet Discovery. Check out Puppet Remediate.

Last May, we released the open source project, Lumogon™, that inspects running containers, and a preview of Puppet Cloud Discovery, a tool to discover cloud infrastructure. We talked to numerous users about their challenges and learned a lot in the process. They consistently told us that they are being asked to manage a large number of heterogeneous resources such as physical servers, VMs, containers, and network devices from a widening array of endpoints and interfaces. And, they wanted a tool that could discover it all.

Today, we are happy to announce the technical preview of Puppet Discovery™, a new turnkey approach to traditional and cloud resource discovery. Puppet Discovery allows you to quickly discover traditional, cloud and container resources so that you know exactly what is running across your hybrid landscape.

Our user research revealed that many IT organizations don’t have a good understanding of what they have. Because of this lack of insight into their brownfield environments, they had difficulty knowing what to automate first. Plus, the shift from traditional infrastructure to cloud and containers creates new challenges for application owners and infrastructure operators who now have to contend with ephemeral infrastructure. Existing discovery and inventory management solutions are designed to manage stable resources, mostly located within corporate firewalls and company networks. Modern discovery tools need to assume ephemerality as much as stability and be optimized for multi-cloud endpoints as well as local host management.

We built Puppet Discovery with these concerns at the forefront. The Puppet Discovery Technical Preview leverages the open source project Lumogon that we released earlier this year to forage containers and provide deep insights into what is actually running in all of your containers at any given time. It also includes the following:

  • Agentless service discovery for AWS EC2, containers, and physical hosts
  • Actionable intuitive views across your hybrid landscape
  • The ability to instantly bring your unmanaged resources under Puppet management
  • Delivered as turnkey and auto-updating experience

Whether you are just getting started with automation and want to know what you have, trying to satisfy that latest compliance requirement or reduce your public cloud spending, Puppet Discovery can help restore a little sanity back into all of our complex hybrid worlds. Get started with Puppet Discovery today! We welcome your feedback, so please join us in the Puppet Slack channel. We're listening!

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