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Announcing Birds of a Feather and the Hackathon at Puppetize PDX

With Puppetize PDX (Oct 9-10) right around the corner so it’s no surprise that we’ve been thinking a lot about conference planning lately.

Do you remember the last conference you thought was spectacular? What was the thing that tipped the balance between this is fine, but, I could’ve just watched it later on Youtube, and a can't-miss-this experience? I believe that the key difference is quality hands-on technical content with plenty of opportunities for collaboration.

But what does that really mean?

_In case you missed this gem, here are some reasons to check out PDX and visit us._

For the Puppet team it means planning great talks at Puppetize PDX and featuring content that you bring to the table. We know that we've only got part of the story and we want to make space for you to shine. And so, we've got two sessions for community members, like you, to fill the agenda: the pre-conf Hackathon and the Birds of a Feather sessions.

What is Birds of a Feather (BoF)?

If you've been to a DevOpsDays or other grassroots community conference lately, you might have been exposed to their Open Spaces content. Our Birds of a Feather sessions will be very similar to that. You get to drive the topics covering anything in the devops space.

Want to talk about the next big thing in Clojure development? Want to improve your incident response plan? Maybe you've got ideas for a more robust masterless Puppet cloud infrastructure?

Gene, a SRE here at Puppet, will be coordinating the sessions. Over the next few weeks, he's running a survey asking for topic suggestions. During Puppetize PDX, we'll have live polling in case you've got any last-minute ideas or want to volunteer to facilitate a topic. When it's time for sessions, we'll set out tables for the top-ranked ideas and make sure that someone's leading each conversation. Then you can “choose your own adventure” during the session-- the conversation and content is up to all of you at the table!

Excited? Propose a topic now!

About the pre-conf Hackathon

Our Portland office will be open for collaboration the day before the conference. We'll be there with engineers skilled in everything from the gory details of Puppet innards to building safe and secure tasks for Bolt. We'll even have engineers from Wash and Nebula, and maybe even other upcoming new technologies.

Just like with the BoF, we'll have topic tables set out and staffed with those subject matter experts. For example; Michael will run a Wash plugin tutorial, Lucy will show you how to write safe and secure tasks using Ruby's Open3 library, and Hunter will share details about writing content for our new Project Nebula platform.

Or maybe you already know what you want to hack on and just want some collaboration space to germinate ideas. Whatever floats your boat, we’ll find a way to support it.

Lunch and all the creature comforts will be provided! All you've got to bring is your development environment and lots of creativity!

Don't forget to select the Hackathon option when you register for Puppetize PDX-- it’s complimentary with conference registration.

Hope we’ll see you there!

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Ben Ford is a developer advocate at Puppet.