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Between our helpful Puppet employees and resources and the large community of Puppet users and customers, there's a good chance you'll have your answer sooner than you think.

If you're a Puppet Enterprise customer, you're at the top of our priority list with guaranteed response times, an Enterprise customer exclusive knowledge base, and professional support engineers to support you. 

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Support portal
Customer support portal

If you're a Puppet Enterprise customer, this is where you go to check the knowledge base or open a case for support. This is available only for Puppet Enterprise customers, and when you complete your purchase, you'll receive a login. If you're evaluating Puppet Enterprise, you can contact Sales for support. 

Knowledge Base
Knowledge base

Our support engineers — who talk with Puppet Enterprise customers a lot — maintain a knowledge base in the customer support portal, filled with content tailored to Puppet Enterprise customers and their most common questions. In it, you'll find how-to articles and more to help you find your answer or solution right away. 


Browse the docs for Puppet Enterprise and open source Puppet. You'll find quick-start guides, instructions for various types of installations, troubleshooting tips, known issues, and much more.

Puppet Forge

With thousands of modules at forge.puppet.com, there's a good chance someone has already created a module you can use in your own Puppet environment. 


We offer in-person and live virtual training courses that may be just what you or your team need to get up and running, or, take your systems management to the next level. Our courses are led by Puppet experts, and include both lectures and real-world, hands-on exercises. We also offer self-paced courses.

Help from the community
Help from the community

You can get help from Puppet community members (and from Puppet employees who drop in to lend a hand) in any of these channels:

Support plans

All Puppet Enterprise customers get our standard support package that includes bug fixes, the private support portal, access to all updates, and guaranteed response times. Premium support gives you added peace of mind with 24/7 phone support for Priority 1 issues, unlimited cases, free public training, and more.