Simplify infrastructure management: enforced or ad-hoc

Whether testing, deploying, or managing infrastructure code, simplify automation at scale no matter where it lives. Enforce state and automate ad-hoc tasks with new features from Puppet Enterprise 2019.1 and Bolt.

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Meet Bolt

Bolt makes ad-hoc, agentless automation and orchestration to remote targets easy. Use any language you want in Bolt, right from your workstation. Now with YAML support, anyone can get started. It’s automation so easy, even your boss can use it.

Take agentless automation to networking devices

Automate how you manage networking devices with these Puppet modules:

  • Cisco NX-OS module. Set up new infrastructure, provision devices, manage devices at scale, and apply security policies in an automated manner.

  • Cisco IOS module. Manage Cisco IOS devices with desired state management of a standard set of functions on network devices and a task-based workflow for issuing standard commands to the devices.

  • Palo Alto Module. Manage Palo Alto firewalls using a desired state management and build sample manifests that are consistent with Palo Alto best practices.

agentless illustration

Safely deploy infrastructure changes

Multiple workflows can be difficult to manage across large organizations working at scale. Complex infrastructures benefit from Puppet’s continuous enforcement of desired state and reporting capabilities to ensure security and compliance requirements are met (and exceeded).

Safely scale Puppet automation across multiple teams using module delivery pipelines, protected Puppet environments, and simplified Puppet deployments.

Assess the impact of a proposed Puppet code change before deploying, and ensure changes only affect the intended configurations on specific targets in a safe manner.

Verify changes work as intended with a CD pipeline that automatically ensures new changes pass parser validation and follow linting guidance before code deployment or merging.

Automate everywhere, at scale

Manage heterogeneous infrastructure in a consistent way to scale both your infrastructure automation efforts and DevOps team workflows.


Bring modern continuous delivery practices to the infrastructure

Within 30 minutes, you’re off and running with Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise and setting up your first pipeline to continuously deliver your Puppet code. Default pipeline examples are ready to guide you if you’re just getting started.

Bring modern continuous delivery practices to the infrastructure

Simplify Puppet Deployments

Puppet expert or not, deploy infrastructure changes and perform rolling deployments safely and confidently. Simplified Puppet Deployments for Continuous Delivery for PE perform git management, Code Manager deployments, orchestrator jobs, and Node Manager manipulations from one tool.

Orchestrate to your heart’s content

We enhanced Flexible Job Scheduling to give you the ability to schedule Puppet runs and Bolt tasks, run different jobs on specific schedules, and even run imperative jobs at different times. Customize your infrastructure automation to fit your business IT needs.

Your one-stop shop to automation awaits

Automate infrastructure end-to-end with the best of both: an enforced-state and ad-hoc approach. Get started with Puppet Enterprise 2019.1 and Bolt today.

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