Housekeeping without the headache

Not knowing what’s in your IT closet can be costly. Yesterday’s CMDB tools and spreadsheets don’t quite cut it today. You need software solutions that value your time as much as you do. That’s why we built Puppet Discovery™ — so you can easily know what you have on prem and in the cloud in real time, take action, prioritize what to automate next, and bring resources under management with Puppet Enterprise®.

Puppet Discovery

Turn what takes hours into minutes...

No one wants to spend the day waiting for someone to manually spin up a VM or twiddle their thumbs while infrastructure updates happen. Freedom comes when you get nimble, get agile, and tackle infrastructure management in minutes, not hours. Puppet Enterprise uniquely combines the industry-standard model-driven approach we pioneered with the flexibility of task-based automation. Welcome back, lunch break.

Puppet Enterprise

...and do it even faster

Continuous delivery isn’t just for developers. Build, test, and promote Puppet code, high-five your teammates, and get back to doing what you love with Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise. Instead of wondering if you have the latest code running, now you can streamline workflows between Dev and Ops, deliver faster changes confidently and do it all with the visibility your teams need.

Puppet Pipelines

Puppetize your way

Starting anything from scratch is tough, but you can extend what you know about infrastructure management by taking advantage of Puppet Development Kit (PDK), our extensive Puppet documentation, and the Puppet Forge. The Forge contains more than 5,500 modules contributed by Puppet community members like you and professional engineers inside Puppet. With partners like that, the possibilities are endless.

Puppet Development Kit

In a world without Puppet

It’s easy for us at Puppet to share the love of our products, but it may come off to some as drinking the company Kool-Aid. One of our favorite questions to ask our customers is “What would you do if we took Puppet away?” Check out this short video to see a few of the candid responses we received. Spoiler alert: one customer considers switching out of IT.

Puppet Discovery

Puppet Discovery allows you to forage and take action on all your traditional, cloud and container resources, and get an accurate, real-time picture of your IT inventory in your data center or the cloud.

Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise is a complete configuration management platform that gives you both task-based and model-driven automation in a single solution. It ensures consistency across your containers, VMs, and bare metal servers by defining your infrastructure as code.

Puppet Pipelines

Puppet Pipelines makes continuous integration and delivery of your software on traditional or containerized infrastructure easy by pulling together all your existing tools and giving you flexibility to deploy your way.