In the cloud or moving to it?

Puppet Enterprise helps unify physical, virtual, cloud environments by automating every stage of of your modern data center. Now you can streamline the management of compute, storage and network resources and efficiently adopt cloud for building new applications or scale workloads across heterogeneous environments, and with various flavors of public, private and hybrid cloud. With Puppet, all this can be done simply, scalably, and securely.

This resource kit will show you how cloud management can be done. It includes:

  • A case study of how moved to the cloud and achieved elasticity to respond to peak seasonal demand and limit costs.
  • The paper we wrote with Windows IT Pro called “Manage Change, Enforce Security, and Incorporate Cloud in Your Windows Ecosystem.”
  • Our ebook "Cloud and the Enterprise" that examines some use cases of real-world successes in the cloud, and show you the pitfalls to avoid and the benefits you can gain.
  • A paper highlighting how you can simplify the management of your Amazon EC2 Instances with Puppet. It covers policy-based auto-signing, secure data (a.k.a. trusted facts) and Puppet Enterprise integrations with documentation and example code.
  • A solution brief outlining Puppet’s cloud management solution.
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