You've Got Containers. Now What?

The benefits of container adoption are luring many organizations, but as IT teams seek to mature from experimenting with containers to full-fledged production deployments of containerized applications, they often run into a common set of challenges:

  • Containers are a black box, and knowing what software is inside a container or fleet of containers can be a challenge. This makes it difficult to know if you’re vulnerable to a new CVE, to a bug in a library dependency, or to know if your operating system standards are being followed.

  • Maintaining a patchwork of tooling for container environments vs. legacy environments can create silos and operational inefficiencies that slow teams down.

 In this InfoBrief, IDC explores how many organizations are benefitting from containers, and how the innovative ones are addressing these new challenges by:

  • Modernizing and adopting containers without leaving legacy infrastructure behind.

  • Knowing what software is running in containers so they can achieve true situational awareness and scale their container environment faster.

  • Using automation and abstraction to manage container environments in a consistent and repeatable way.

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