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DevOps and You: Advice for Building Your Career

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Want to start adopting DevOps practices at your current job? Or land a new job as a DevOps engineer or site reliability engineer? Or move to an organization that has more mature DevOps practices? We’re not surprised, and this ebook is for you.

We talked to dozens of engineers, managers and recruiters whose jobs (or the jobs they’re hiring for) emphasize DevOps practices to see what insights they have to share. Throughout this ebook you’ll find stories of how people got started in DevOps, details on the skills that will help you, and advice on how to be successful or get your next job.

Download the ebook to discover:

  • Why you should embrace DevOps.
  • The skills and personality attributes needed to succeed in DevOps.
  • How to transform your career and get started in DevOps.