About Swisscom

Swisscom is a major telecommunications service provider headquartered out of Switzerland dedicated to driving digitalization and networking for partners and customers globally.


  • Hybrid infrastructure with different configuration setups, making updates across servers difficult
  • Separate scripts for each environment, rather than a unified configuration management solution
  • Engrained mindset across operations with IT teams focused on manual processes


  • Swisscom team implemented Puppet Enterprise to efficiently manage their infrastructure with greater consistency and cut down on operations costs and human-prone error associated with manual tasks.


  • More efficient roll out of changes across infrastructure with greater consistency
  • Ability to roll out new packages or manage services with one Hiera entry, Puppet’s built-in key/value data lookup system that enables separate, site-specific configuration data from the code itself
  • Decrease in operations costs and number of manual touch points

If you do tasks manually, there will always be mistakes somewhere. If you automate, you eliminate the mistakes of human error.

Roman Frei, Systems Engineer, Swisscom

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • More efficient roll-out of updates across the entire infrastructure
  • Reduced costs across the operations team
  • Cut down time on system-wide package rollout from over a week to 2 hours
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