About Skyguide

Skyguide provides air navigation services for Switzerland and adjacent airspace in France, Germany, Italy, and Austria. It has 1,500 employees and safely guides 1.2 million civil and military flights a year through one of Europe's most complex airspaces.


  • Reduce the cost of IT maintenance while improving efficiency as new capabilities are released to support high safety requirements. Skyguide needed a solution to automate deployment and configuration of its air-traffic management system (ATM) in various environments (training/simulation, test, production).


  • Using Puppet Enterprise, Skyguide will set up a continuous delivery pipeline through all environments with automated deployment and configuration of its ATM system.


  • Ability to use the same solution between air traffic operation and training systems
  • Reduced risk of failure in the configuration of training scenarios and simulations
  • Lower cost and easier maintenance than using in-house tools
  • Faster and simpler automated configuration management

Puppet is a key enabler in helping us realize the vision that all things will and must be automated to deliver at the velocity of our business.

Raimund Brandt, application deployment automation manager at Skyguide

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • Simplified management of up to 600 hosts
  • Improved system stability, preventing interruptions to ATC training
  • Streamlined deployments between operations and training
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