About KPN


  • In order to allay competition, KPN needed to bust silos, abandon manual processes, and improve the quality of their services for increased efficiency.


  • For its infrastructure-as-code capabilities, KPN implemented Puppet Enterprise in combination with Splunk and centrally managed it with GitHub. They manage 10,000 servers with Puppet with 7,500 nodes, 33 Puppet masters, and 251 Puppet modules.


  • Faster troubleshooting of customer service requests
  • Reduced data siloes for better efficiency
  • Increased speed of product delivery

It was very important for us—the concept of infrastructure as code. We believed this would help for us and our customers to innovate faster. Here is where Puppet played an important role.

Andreas Knol, Technical Product Manager

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • Increased data collection
  • Standardized base profiles built with Puppet Enterprise
  • Improved compliance for standard server modules
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