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About Encore Technologies

Encore is a managed services provider (MSP) based in Cincinnati, Ohio offering an entire suite of IT services to analyze, recommend, and implement IT and business processes automation for large enterprises.


  • Encore needed full configuration management to cut down on manual tasks. This allowed them to put energy toward innovative solutions for implementing better, faster legacy environment automation.


  • Encore used Bolt to better orchestrate and streamline manual tasks for debugging, patching, and troubleshooting issues.


  • Significant decrease in client occurrences of issues with critical business impact
  • Engineer time redirected to revenue-driving activities
  • Better code management
  • Quicker introduction of new features and services
  • Freed up priority for developing and implementing new automation

We use Bolt to wrap operations tasks into automation pieces so we can quickly add those things to our toolkit

Nick Maludy, Director, Encore Technologies’ DevOps team

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • Reduced engineer time spent patching and debugging
  • Decreased critical client “Priority 1” issues
  • Rapid engineer adaptation and use of Bolt tool
  • Improved automation in legacy environments
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