About Daiwa Capital


  • Daiwa needed a tool that would integrate with their software to provide automation for a self-service developer request portal. This would allow the infrastructure division to fulfill requests efficiently and accurately for faster production deployment and easier compliance audits.


Puppet Enterprise with vRealize Automation (vRA) made it possible for Daiwa to build a self-service portal that:

  • Connected developer requests with infrastructure code capabilities
  • Integrated with Git, Jenkins, and Chocolatey
  • Managed disparate servers from a central location
  • Automated central tasks


  • Decreased time spent provisioning environments from weeks to 10 minutes per environment
  • Increased speed of production deployment
  • Reduced risk of error from manual changes and configuration drift
  • Improved collaboration between Infrastructure and Development divisions
  • Simplified routine audit procedures

The deployment and configuration of servers on the Windows estate was a very manual task involving multiple teams. We were experiencing high time loss and the process was susceptible to human error. With vRA and Puppet, these processes are now completely automated.

Simon Rowe, Section Head of the IT Dept. Platform Engineering team at Daiwa

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • Provided desired state configuration
  • Ensured server configuration compliance
  • Better control over environments with the ability to deploy from a central location
  • Reduced infrastructure and environment build times
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