About ANZ Bank Technologies

ANZ Bank is an Australian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Their more than 7,000 servers run with widely differing operating systems.


  • ANZ Bank needed a reliable, efficient process to ensure compliance with the 22 regulatory bodies overseeing their operations. Partnering with Puppet redirected engineer hours from audit explanations, improved its scalability, and enforced consistency across platforms.


  • ANZ used Puppet for compliance reporting and enforcement across their disparate servers.


  • Tens of thousands of hours redirected from manual service processes 
  • Compliance rapidly enforced across operating systems
  • Scalability enabled

“Having Puppet Bolt as the central core component for patching solved a whole heap of problems for us. We had been waiting for something like tasks for a long time.”

Nathan Kroenert, Senior Consultant, Enterprise Platforms

Top outcomes of using Puppet and Bolt

  • Centralized patching control with a uniform interface across platforms 
  • Defined and enforced configuration policies
  • Improved internal auditing efficiency
Nick Maludy, Director, Encore Technologies’ DevOps team, Encore Technologies