Aegon Chooses Puppet as Configuration Tool of Choice to Reduce Instructure Complexity


Aegon is one of the world’s leading providers of life insurance, pensions and asset management. They serve almost 30 million customers across 20 countries through their primary brands: Aegon and Transamerica.

Their Global Technologies team creates and maintains infrastructure environments to support customers in the US and Europe. They also provide application support, introduce new technologies to the business, conduct data optimization, and implement self-service infrastructure.

Aegon struggled with a lack of configuration consistency across multiple servers and spent too much time setting up new machines. This was caused by manual configurations; using scripts required continual modification and maintenance. As a result, they had configuration drift across all servers and their time was consumed on repetitive tasks to correct it.


Aegon decided to automate to eliminate human error, reduce time for solutions to be delivered to customers, and wanted to implement a “don’t repeat yourself” approach to save time. They chose not to use scripts because of the manual effort required, inability to scale, and the time it took to gain elevated access through ticketing. They wanted a single source of truth and visibility into their infrastructure.

The company chose Infrastructure-as-Code for consistency, scalability, higher software quality, and to have full control and visibility over their infrastructure. They chose Puppet Enterprise for its layer of abstraction to configure nodes and maintain them, its focus on “what” and not the “how”, the fact that there was no need to login to all servers, and because they could centrally manage everything from the Puppet master.


Aegon built a new digital user experience for their customers. Through Puppet, they created code to manage the full stack, and now manage everything in a central location, where all configurations are consistently applied, updated, and maintained. They are able to deploy new production efforts within a couple of hours. Other parts of the Aegon business have requested to leverage tooling through Puppet. They also manage their Windows environment with Puppet, with more than 60 servers completely built, automated and configured by Puppet.

Puppet has been accepted as the infrastructure automation tool of choice with our IT organization. It gives us better speed; we spend less time configuring and managing our servers. The complexity of our infrastructure has been reduced. Puppet is our single source of truth, giving us control and visibility into our IT stack. We got back our time to explore new technologies that further support the business.

Ronald Horst, Automation Specialist, Aegon

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