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What’s new in Puppet Enterprise
Puppet Enterprise 2019.8 LTS enables you to automate and manage more infrastructure with greater efficiency.

These updates provide powerful orchestration capabilities to run multi-layer actions with shared content, prescriptive patch management workflows to eliminate manual patching of Windows, Linux and other popular operating systems and greater flexibility to manage and automate infrastructure in a way that meets customer preference.

Additional components and enhancements available with Puppet Enterprise 2019.8 include:
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  • Automated patch management: Out of the box patching workflows for Windows and Linux systems eliminates common manual processes
  • Powerful orchestration for complex workflows: Orchestrate complicated steps for specific workflows like deployments and provisioning
  • Robust workflows with shared content: Automate orchestration complexities with ease with unlocked content from the Puppet Forge.
  • An intuitive console: Simpler navigation and increased uniformity across pages make it easier than ever to onboard new team members with a streamlined, modern platform interface that provides a consistent way to automate infrastructure.
  • Increased scalability: Scale faster with performance improvements that offer large and extra-large installations the ability to seamlessly manage more nodes with ease.
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Let us help you

Our Puppet Upgrade Service is designed to help customers upgrade their OSP or PE installation to the most current PE release, leveraging best-in-class methodology and tooling to simplify the upgrade process. Puppet experts will assess your environment and put a plan in place for upgrading to a modern PE version.
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Why Puppet Upgrade Services?

  • Mitigate risk by engaging Puppet experts
  • Become self-sufficient with guided hands on experience to complete future upgrades in house
  • Reduce burden on internal resources

Customer Upgrade Benefits

  • Reduced operational costs by staying current and not maintaining older PE versions
  • Increased productivity with new features
  • Mitigate vulnerabilities and security risks with current releases

Tell us more about your environment by submitting the Puppet Enterprise upgrade estimate form or contact us at

Read all about it

Need more reasons to upgrade? Read these release notes for all the new and enhanced features since the last LTS (2018.1).

Is your environment ready for an upgrade? Read this knowledge base article to determine if your environment is stable and well provisioned before you start.

Looking for the path to the latest Puppet Enterprise release? This upgrade path table will show you the way from your current version to Puppet Enterprise 2019.8.

Ready to upgrade? Refer to the Upgrading technical publication for step-by-step instructions. Still not sure if it’s time to upgrade? The Puppet Enterprise lifecycle policy helps you make an informed decision about when to update your Puppet Enterprise version.