Puppet Container Registry (formerly known as Europa from Distelli) makes it easy for software teams to host Docker images within their infrastructure along with a unified view of all their images stored in local and remote repositories. With powerful features like single sign-on and access control, Puppet Container Registry is designed to be easy for developers to use, and engineered for the enterprise.

Pull the latest Puppet Container Registry image to get started.

$ docker pull distelli/europa:latest

Local repositories

Puppet Container Registry hosts local repositories backed by storage in your cloud or on-premises servers. Local registries implement the Docker V2 API and support the complete range of operations from push and pull to listing tags and repositories.

Local Repositories

Remote repositories

Puppet Container Registry also connects to your remote repositories hosted in third party registries such as Amazon Elastic Container Registry, Google Container Registry or Docker Hub registries. Puppet Container Registry will scan these registries and send webhooks on every push detected on these remote repositories.

Remote repositories

Audit trails

Puppet Container Registry ensures that you have a complete audit trail of every action on every local and remote repository in your infrastructure. View every push/pull along with the image tag, SHA and the user that completed the action.

Automated push pipelines

Puppet Container Registry is designed with advanced automation and allows software teams to set up automated push pipelines from one repository to multiple downstream repositories. This allows teams to easily set up dev, test and prod repositories and automatically make images and tags available in multiple repositories with a single Docker push.

Access control

Puppet Container Registry Premium and Enterprise editions support fine-grained access control for users. Authorization and access controls ensure that users can only push / pull or view repositories that they have been granted access to. Multiple groups ensures powerful control over who can access a repository.

Image locality

Pipeline features allow teams to ensure that Docker images are always available in the repository closest to your servers and cloud infrastructure. Every push to a local repository ensures that the same image and tag is available for pull from a remote repository within your cloud infrastructure, thereby reducing costs and increasing speed.

image locality

Single sign-on

Puppet Container Registry Enterprise edition supports single sign-on integrated with your on-premise SAML Identity Provider (IDP). A unified login ensures that teams don’t have to manage individual passwords and accounts within Puppet Container Registry.



Puppet Container Registry is multi-tenant and allows enterprises to host a single instance of Puppet Container Registry and create multiple teams for better isolation. Users can be added to multiple teams and access controls will define the level of access a specific user has to a specific repository in a specific team.

Plans & pricing

Puppet Container Registry is currently available as a public technical preview, and comes in three editions to meet your needs:

Capability Community Edition Team Edition Enterprise Edition
Local repositories
Remote repositories
Automated push pipelines
Multi-user support
Access control
Single sign-on
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$ docker pull distelli/Puppet Container Registry:latest

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