Puppet Discovery

Forget spreadsheets and clunky CMDBs. Get dynamic, real-time inventory across your infrastructure — and act.

Puppet Enterprise

Why choose between model-driven and task-based automation? Puppet Enterprise delivers both, and a lot more.

Puppet Pipelines

CI/CD never looked so good or performed better. Our integrated platform simplifies software delivery and lets you deliver faster.

Puppet Discovery

Puppet Discovery is the most powerful discovery tool on the market because it allows you to forage and take action on all your traditional, cloud and container resources, and get an accurate, real-time picture of your IT inventory in your data center or the cloud. With Puppet Discovery, you always know what's running where — a critical first step to pervasive automation.

Pricing starts at $25 per node per year. Sign up by 31 October 2018 and get 20% off the first 500 nodes. Contact sales for additional pricing information.

  • Puppet Discovery
  • Puppet Enterprise

    Puppet Enterprise delivers a unified platform that combines a model-driven approach with imperative task execution so you can effectively manage hybrid infrastructure across its entire lifecycle. It gives you a common language that all teams in an IT organization can use to successfully adopt DevOps practices such as version control, code review, automated testing, continuous integration and automated deployment.


    Try out Puppet Enterprise on 10 nodes for free. Includes access to all product updates and thousands of prebuilt Puppet modules to get you started.


    Have more than 10 nodes or need support?

    Contact us for pricing.

  • Puppet Enterprise
  • Puppet Pipelines

    Puppet Pipelines simplifies software delivery and unifies automation silos across your Dev and Ops teams. It automates the build and deployment of your applications — whether they’re traditionally packaged or container-based apps running in Kubernetes — and gives you deep visibility and audit trails for every action taken.

    You get end-to-end continuous delivery and automation for your entire software delivery lifecycle, from the time your developers commit application code to the deployment of those apps wherever they run.

    Free Edition

    Up to 5 node agents

    • Puppet-hosted
    • First 5 Node Agents Free
    • No time/user limits
    • Online Resource Support


    Team Edition

    Up to 100 Node Agents

    • Puppet-Hosted
    • 30 Days Free
    • No time limit
    • No user limit

    $29.99 per node/month

    Enterprise Edition

    Unlimited Node Agents

    • Self-Hosted
    • No time limit
    • No user limit
    • Unlimited Pipelines

    Contact us for pricing

    Capability What’s included Free
    Up to 5 projects
    Up to 100 projects
    Unlimited projects
    Hosting Implement Puppet Pipelines as a SaaS or self-hosted solution Puppet-Hosted (SaaS) Puppet-Hosted (SaaS) Self-Hosted (on-prem)
    Continuous integration Automatically build applications from your source code
    Deployment automation Automatically deploy containers to production, with gates and triggers
    Continuous delivery pipelines Create continuous delivery pipelines using visual dashboards
    Unlimited users No user limits for Puppet Pipelines
    Roles and groups Includes role-based access control, groups and permissions for teams    
    High availability Redundancy and automatic failover for mission-critical apps    
    Identity and access Single sign-on, service accounts, LDAP and SAML integration    
    Support Get the help you need, when you need it Online resource support 8x5 Standard Support 24x7 Premium Support
    Pricing   Free $29.99 per project/month Contact us
  • Puppet Pipelines