Accelerate deployments of VMware virtualized applications

VMware and Puppet have partnered to help our customers automate the provisioning, configuration, and management of their vSphere-based virtual infrastructure. Puppet’s deep integrations with VMware solutions combined with our rich ecosystem of modules enables operations teams to deploy applications faster in their virtualized environments.

Provision, configure & manage your vSphere VMs

The Puppet Enterprise vSphere module can be used to provision virtual machines consistently and repeatedly. The module lets you treat your virtual infrastructure as code, so you can:

  • Automate provisioning of new application stacks in vSphere
  • Automatically and dynamically add virtual infrastructure, based on external data

Deploy applications faster with vRealize Automation

VMware® vRealize™ Automation is a cloud automation platform that lets administrators configure policy-based IT services — from infrastructure through full application stacks — and make them available to users via a self-service portal. vRealize Automation Application Services integrates with Puppet Enterprise, so you can use Puppet to build multi-tier stacks with one click deploys from the vRealization Automation catalog.

Secure your vSphere-based applications

Designed for security professionals, VMware AppDefense™ uniquely protects applications running on VMware vSphere-based® virtualized and cloud environments. Puppet Enterprise integrated with AppDefense enables security professionals to easily collaborate with operations teams to make security a priority within the application development cycle, making applications more resilient to attacks and enabling DevOps practices to extend to security teams.

Seamlessly migrate workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS provides customers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud offering that gives customers the SDDC experience from the leader in private cloud, running on the leading public cloud provider, AWS. Puppet Enterprise enables seamless automation, provisioning, configuration and ongoing management of both on-premise and cloud workloads to customers of VMware Cloud on AWS.

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Before, when we would have to deploy two servers, it would take twice as long as one; it didn't scale. So we would always have this human resource problem, or if we had to deploy 30 servers, then it would take a very long time, there's nothing we could do about that. Not to mention that manual configurations always led to environment issues. Now with Puppet and VMware, we can just quickly deploy the servers and let VMware take care of it. So now that one person, it frees up their whole week.
Bryan Andrews, application services manager, phoenixNAP

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