Know what you have in real time.

How many times have you discovered a server you didn’t know existed, or thought was decommissioned? How much time do you spend manually updating spreadsheets for asset inventory, and how confident are you that your inventory is up to date? Without visibility into your infrastructure, it’s difficult to assess your true costs and utilization. Moving infrastructure to the cloud doesn’t make this any easier. On the path to automation, knowing what you have is half the battle.

Cloud Discovery
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Puppet Cloud Discovery is a hosted service that lets you discover what’s running on your AWS infrastructure. This is the first step to understanding what you have so you can more easily organize, manage, and automate your infrastructure. Puppet Cloud Discovery lets you do things like:

  • Browse servers by resource type so you can see variances in package versions across your infrastructure
  • See key differences between user accounts, permissions, and groups
  • Discover your EC2 instances and sizes
  • Understand at a glance the composition and platform distribution of your cloud server estate

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