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Drive change with confidence with Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise is the leading platform for automatically delivering, operating and securing your infrastructure – no matter where it runs. With Puppet you know exactly what is going on with all your software. And you get the automation needed to drive change with confidence.

The result: you can deliver more software faster than ever, while maintaining quality, security, and compliance.
Drive change with confidence
In our old model, it took several weeks. And with Puppet on top of automating the underlying infrastructure in the cloud, we deliver now in about an hour.
Evan Scheessele, master engineer of cloud platforms, HP


Puppet Enterprise gives you the capabilities needed to automatically deliver, update, monitor, and secure your distributed applications and global infrastructure.

Puppet Enterprise capabilities

Get your life back with Puppet

What if you could stop fighting fires? And spend time on what really matters? Hear how these Puppet users got their life back.

How Puppet works

With Puppet you use a common language to describe what you want your infrastructure to look like, and Puppet makes it happen - and helps you keep it that way.

Platform overview

Learn more about the core elements that make Puppet the leading platform for delivering and operating constantly modern software.

Puppet Platform

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If it has an IP address, you should be able to automate it. Here are just some of the technologies you can automate with Puppet Enterprise.

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Enforce security, prove compliance, move to the cloud, and adopt full-blown DevOps practices. Our solutions help you move fast, with the enterprise reliability you demand.


Whether you're budgeting for your next project or ready to get started for free today, learn more about getting Puppet Enterprise in your environment.

Open source projects

Learn more about the Puppet open source projects that are used by more than 30,000 companies worldwide, including 65% of the Fortune 100.