IT automation

Automate for speed and reliability

Spend too much time on manual work, fighting fires and keeping the lights on? You’re not alone. Seventy percent of IT service outages are due to unexpected configuration changes, and as a result, most IT departments spend over 50 percent of their time on repetitive manual maintenance tasks.

When you’re spending most of your time being reactive, you’ve got less time to spend on the work that matters: deploying applications quickly and moving your business ahead. That’s where IT automation comes in.

Automate for speed

Automation is the key to faster deployments. It’s the foundation for continuous delivery and other DevOps practices. Automation enforces consistency across your development, testing and production environments, and ensures you can quickly orchestrate changes throughout your infrastructure: bare metal servers, virtual machines, cloud and container deployments.

Puppet custom graphic of remediation nodes
Puppet custom graphic of remediation nodes

Repeatable. Reliable. Confident.

Without a way to enforce and ensure consistency across your environment, it’s difficult to provide the reliability your business demands. Define how your infrastructure and applications should look; test changes before deploying them to production, in an environment that matches production; and automatically fix any unexpected changes. That’s the path to minimizing errors and improving mean time to recovery.

Improve efficiency

Manual configurations and one-off scripts don’t scale when you manage a large and growing infrastructure. Puppet Enterprise lets you define configurations once and immediately apply them to thousands of machines instead of making manual changes to systems, or running the same scripts over and over.

Gain insight. Respond faster.

Too many IT teams lack visibility into the state of infrastructure and the true causes of downtime. Puppet Enterprise makes it easy to understand the impact of changes to systems and applications, and gain real-time insight into the state of your infrastructure so you can quickly address issues. Plus you can pinpoint who changed what, and when changes occurred.

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