Hashicorp and Puppet

Cloud provisioning with Terraform + Puppet

Terraform and Puppet are both proven infrastructure-as-code tools with different strengths. Together they make automating your cloud infrastructure so much easier, enabling you to easily spin up resources, then configure and manage them over time in a standardized way using mutual native .

Secrets management with Vault + Puppet

Puppet supports end-to-end encryption for secret data with built-in integrations to Vault for Puppet Enterprise and Bolt. DevOps practitioners who want to include rapidly changing or highly sensitive configuration data on managed systems can connect directly and securely from agents to Vault and inject data at runtime.

Manage Consul with Puppet

Puppet and Consul work together to provide a better experience through managed infrastructure, ACLs, fast replication, and near real-time deployment changes. DevOps practitioners can also use the consul module available from the Puppet Forge to configure and manage their Consul environment.

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