Upgrading Continuous Delivery for PE

We regularly release new versions of Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise (PE). Upgrading to the current version ensures you have the latest features, fixes, and improvements.

Upgrade paths

These are valid upgrade paths for Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise (PE).

If you're on version... Upgrade to version... Notes
4.14.0 You're up to date!
4.x (any version in the series) 4.14.0 (current version) You can safely upgrade from any 4.x version to any newer 4.x version.
3.13.8 4.x (any version in the series) You must upgrade to the latest 3.13.x version in order to access the 3.x to 4.x data migration tool, and then you can upgrade past 3.13.x.
3.13.3 or earlier 3.13.8

Upgrade Continuous Delivery for PE

Check for, download, and deploy updates from the Version history tab in Puppet Application Manager (PAM). These instructions apply to Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise (PE) installations in online environments.

  1. In PAM, click Version history.
  2. Click Check for updates.
    Tip: You can click Configure automatic updates to automatically check for updates hourly, every four hours, daily, weekly, or at a custom interval.
  3. If there is an update, PAM downloads it and performs preflight checks to make sure your cluster meets system requirements for the new version. Click View preflight to review the results.
  4. When you're ready to upgrade to the new version of Continuous Delivery for PE, click Deploy.
What to do next
When deployment is complete, sign in to Continuous Delivery for PE and verify that the new version number is shown in the bottom left corner of the web UI.

Upgrade Continuous Delivery for PE in an offline environment

Users operating in environments without direct access to the internet must download and install an airgap bundle to upgrade to the latest version of Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise (PE).

  1. Download the .airgap bundle for the latest version (or the version you want to upgrade to, depending on your upgrade path). These are the available bundles:
    Version Release date Airgap bundle
    4.14.0 5 May 2022 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.14.0.airgap
    4.13.0 5 April 2022 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.13.0.airgap
    4.12.1 7 March 2022 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.12.1.airgap
    4.12.0 2 March 2022 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.12.0.airgap
    4.11.5 22 February 2022 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.11.5.airgap
    4.11.4 14 February 2022 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.11.4.airgap
    4.11.2 2 February 2022 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.11.2.airgap
    4.11.1 20 January 2022 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.11.1.airgap
    4.11.0 20 January 2022 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.11.0.airgap
    4.10.5 20 December 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.10.5.airgap
    4.10.4 17 December 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.10.4.airgap
    4.10.3 10 December 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.10.3.airgap
    4.10.2 9 December 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.10.2.airgap
    4.10.1 11 November 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.10.1.airgap
    4.10.0 9 November 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.10.0.airgap
    4.9.0 8 September 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.9.0.airgap
    4.8.2 31 August 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.8.2.airgap
    4.8.1 24 August 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.8.1.airgap
    4.8.0 10 August 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.8.0.airgap
    4.7.2 26 July 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.7.2.airgap
    4.7.1 12 July 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.7.1.airgap
    4.7.0 8 July 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.7.0.airgap
    4.6.1 16 June 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.6.1.airgap
    4.6.0 3 June 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.6.0.airgap
    4.5.2 11 May 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.5.2.airgap
    4.5.1 27 April 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.5.1.airgap
    4.5.0 22 April 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.5.0.airgap
    4.4.2 13 April 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.4.2.airgap
    4.4.1 29 March 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.4.1.airgap
    4.4.0 11 March 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.4.0.airgap
    4.3.3 23 February 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.3.3.airgap
    4.3.2 3 February 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.3.2.airgap
    4.3.1 26 January 2021 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.3.1.airgap
    4.2.4 17 December 2020 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.2.4.airgap
    4.2.3 17 November 2020 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.2.3.airgap
    4.2.2 12 November 2020 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.2.2.airgap
    4.2.1 5 November 2020 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.2.1.airgap
    4.2.0 3 November 2020 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.2.0.airgap
    4.1.3 15 October 2020 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.1.3.airgap
    4.1.2 8 October 2020 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.1.2.airgap
    4.1.1 29 September 2020 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.1.1.airgap
    4.0.1 14 September 2020 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.0.1.airgap
    4.0.0 25 August 2020 https://cd4pe-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/stable/cd4pe-4.0.0.airgap
  2. In Puppet Application Manager (PAM), click Version history > Upload new version, and upload the .airgap bundle. The upload can take several minutes.
  3. When you're ready to upgrade to the new version of Continuous Delivery for PE, click Deploy.
What to do next
When deployment is complete, sign into Continuous Delivery for PE and verify that the new version number is shown in the bottom left corner of the web UI.

Upgrade an automated installation

If you used automated installation to install Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise (PE), run a script to upgrade to the latest version.

  1. From the command line of your primary (control plane) node, run the upgrade script:
    kubectl kots upstream upgrade cd4pe --namespace default --deploy
  2. Wait five minutes to allow the software time to process the change.
  3. Navigate to http://<NODE IP ADDRESS>:8800 and log in with the Puppet Application Manager (PAM) password.
    If preflight checks passed, the upgraded application is deployed and in the process of starting up. Run kubectl get pods --watch to monitor the deployment's progress.
What to do next
When the deployment is complete, sign into Continuous Delivery for PE and verify that the new version number is shown in the bottom left corner of the web UI.