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Why I’m excited about Puppetize PDX: open source goodness and more

Hello, friends!

Puppetize PDX is right around the corner, 9-10 October, and we have a limited number of tickets left-- so don’t wait to register. I’ll be keynoting this year and I’m excited to share everything we’re doing on the open-source front—Puppet, Bolt, Hiera, PDK, Pupperware, Litmus, Wash, etc.

If you don’t know what all of those are yet, not to worry! Puppetize has you covered.

Speaking of my keynote, I have a very important question for you!

Deepak keynote Puppetize live

Out of all the movies you've seen, which has the best car chase, and why? Comment below because this information is critical to my keynote preparation, trust me.

Things I’m most excited about

We’re planning a Puppet Experience booth where you can be hands-on-keyboard with all kinds of Puppet tech: newly released products, open source projects, and maybe even a crazy experiment or two. We'd love your feedback!

So. Many. Great. Technical. Talks. Want to hear from the lead developer for Litmus? What it means to do configuration management with cloud-native infrastructure? Do you run Puppet in masterless mode? Want to learn more about Chocolatey from its founder?

The Hallway Track is always my favorite part of the event. It's where I can meet the people behind the screen-names I see on Slack Slack or IRC. Historically, this has encompassed conversations ranging from infrastructure "war stories," to discussing random tech, to debating which mechanical keyboard switches are the best, to the ideal way to make pour-over coffee, to musing over whether Eve Online is a video game or just spreadsheets in space.

Looking forward to seeing you in Portland, it’s a pretty cool city!

-- Deepak CTO @ Puppet :)

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