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Welcome to the Puppet Community Slack

We've got great news: we're opening a Puppet community Slack. Join us!

Puppet has an incredible community surrounding and supporting it. We've long had an extremely active IRC channel in #puppet, long conversations on the Puppet mailing list, and excellent face-to-face conversations at events. As the Puppet community has seen tremendous growth, we've been investigating new ways to facilitate conversation, learning and support amongst our growing and changing Puppet community.

Two years ago we introduced Ask Puppet, a Q&A site that provides a permanent place to answer Puppet questions. We've seen new kinds of engagement from the community, new folks stepping up as guides and leaders, and new ways for people to get help with Puppet. Now we're excited to announce we're adding a Puppet community Slack to our community communication platforms. Slack is a conversational tool that's won over a lot of fans due to its fun, easy interface. We've had a lot of requests to add a Slack, and many of you may remember we experimented with opening one specifically for PuppetConf 2015. The results of that experiment made us decide that a Puppet community Slack would open up new opportunities for collaboration and conversation between Puppet users worldwide.

The #puppet room on IRC (Freenode) will stay open, and we know that it will still be a popular place to talk about Puppet. With a community as vast as those who use Puppet, no one communication tool will ever fit everyone's style. By opening a Slack, we look forward to having conversations with folks who don't use IRC, while continuing to enjoy our long tradition of collaborating with those who do.

Slack allows us to have multiple chat rooms, each with its own topic, so we will have chat rooms for users, contributors and developers, Windows, public speaking, and more. We're looking forward to the focused discussions this will enable our community to have.

Here's one cool use of Slack: Are you considering submitting a talk for this year's PuppetConf? We'll be holding office hours in the #speaking room on Slack, where you can drop in and ask questions before the 2 May submission deadline. Feel free to bounce ideas off us, ask for feedback, and get your session(s) ready to submit for PuppetConf 2016.

PuppetConf CFP office hours

  • 22 April, 10-11 am PDT / 6-7 pm CET
  • 28 April, 2-3 pm PDT / 10-11 pm CET

Interested in checking out Slack? Join us by entering your email at http://slack.puppet.com. You'll be automatically sent an invitation email. Slack is covered by our community guidelines and code of conduct, and we look forward to building a welcoming space together. Hope to see you there!

Kara Sowles is a senior community manager at Puppet.

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